Season 3 Finale of Pretty Little Liars – Who is in the RED COAT?

If you are a Pretty Little Liars fan like me, you know that at any moment the show will throw you a curve ball. Sure, they follow the books that the entire story comes from but they have gone off book before. And this season is no exception to that last part.

I am not posting this however, to review the season (after all it hasn’t ended yet), I’m here to post on some theories for well, who is in that damn Red Coat we’ve been seeing all season!

Well if you are like me (meaning you’ve read the books), you already have a good idea of who is in that Red Coat. But lets keep in mind that TV (and movies) do sometimes go freestyle and change things. So lets run through my suspects list (a few of them, top five).

Who is in the Red Coat? (In order of belief)

1. Alison


I post this one first because of the books, I wont say why (don’t want to spoil it for those of haven’t read them) but I have some clear reasons. One, you have seen Alison numerous times since her death, even if they are “dreams”. Two, her body would’ve been so badly decomposed ID would’ve been almost impossible visually. And three, Alison liked to play games, who’s to say she didn’t start her own ruination?

2. Mona


This one is a little out there for me, but I put her at number two for a few reasons. Mona has never ONCE stepped out of this game. She has been running this thing for months (or it is years?) and she has gottan several new members along the way. She was able to break out of Radley, able to apparently turn Spencer and she is very good at all things technical. She is the ultimate evil genius. She also had a blond wig in her Lare (remember when Spencer found it in Room 1?).

3. Cece


This one I think is very obvious and I don’t think the writers would make her the girl in the Red Coat but I have seen some good reasoning on Twitter and Facebook so I put her on the list for those of you who believe her to be. Now the reasons I have. Cece is an almost perfect look alike to Alison (good job casting) and her and Alison were friends and she apparently knows more about her than the four girls do.

4. Lucas


This one is WAY out there but honestly, I have never once thought this guy was just being “blackmailed” by Mona. He seems to always be around when Hanna is in trouble and if he was a good guy, he needs to fill Hanna on on EVERYTHING. Because we all know he didn’t and honestly, he’s small enough to be that person.

All things aside however, I do honestly think the girl in the Red Coat is Alison. I have always thought she was around, it was just too easy if she wasn’t. And whether she’s in charge or just someone who can get behind “A” without knowing, who knows. I guess for an official answer, we will have to wait and see who Spencer see’s…..


*** All photos curtsey of ABCFamily’s Pretty Little Liars and Hollywood Life Blog ***


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