Pretty Little Liars season 3 finale REVIEW

Pretty Little Liars season 3 finale was one for a mild review. I honestly wasn’t taken by surprised for anything, all of it is predictable and well handed to you (if you were paying attention). But before I continue as to what happened and well, the epic awesomeness that proved I was right, I warn you now not to keep reading if you haven’t watched it.


Alright, if you haven’t seen it and you are still reading, you’ve been warned and it’s your own fault. Any who, the finale told you once and for all that our favorite black cat of Rosewood, Toby IS ALIVE. Shocker right? Don’t doubt me folks, I know how to prove if a character is really dead or not. Plus, it’s Keegan Allen, and those abs can’t go away just yet (take a moment to drool).


Toby being alive means we get an answer as to why he joined Mona and the “A” team. Just like Spencer however, he had a great plan. Toby stated that he joined Mona in order to get answers (obvious given that earlier in the season he said he was going to find his own answers). And we find out, with the black hoodie on and all that Spencer, also joined Mona in order to find answers. Spencer also wanted to get Toby back (Mona’s reward for her helping). So take a moment to remember this…


These two had the romantic reunion they deserved and honestly, life is back to normal for them (hey Toby got lucky too! :P). And now we move onto how they were able to get the other three Liars involved too.

Emily, Aria and Hanna realized Spencer had joined Mona (through some clever play with Ezra’s son) and wanted to know what side she was on. So to find the answer, find the red coat and give it a try. Hanna put on the coat, and lead Spencer to the bathroom (seems to be where all of their meetings take place). Spencer’s face (like below) in for her seeing Hanna and having to explain what she is doing.


However, how were they able to get past Mona? Come on, Mona knows all right? So how come she didn’t know about this? This is a burning question left by the season. But we will move on and hope it gets answered in season 4.

The girls plan on to trap Mona and finally see who is REALLY under the red coat. There plan seemed to go on without a problem except for three little bitches. Melissa, Jenna and the new girl Shawna have a plan of their own. They are going to go after the girls tonight (aka new “A” team folks).

And if this is surprising, I mean Shawna is a bit weird (new character really?) and Jenna is gay too? I mean how many crazy asinine things are you going to throw in to put people off. But Melissa has always been dirty and so has Jenna. So for them to be on the same team (NAT Club folks) isn’t that surprising. And you should’ve figured it out when Mona said “those bitches are finally going to get what they deserve” and she wasn’t discussing Aria, Emily and Hanna. Mona has known about those other three for a long time.

So now we are onto multiple “A” teams. First you had Mona, Toby, Lucas and well Spencer in a way. Now we have Melissa, Jenna and Shawna. Which is how we close the first Arc of the book series (if you’ve read them, you know what I mean).

There are a few surprised here, for instance, Mona supposedly had no idea who was in the red coat. I find this HARD to believe because Mona spoke with red coat at Radley. So how would she not know who it really was? My thought, Mona is playing the field still (duh).

But for the big reveal, the girl in the red coat is…..


ALISON!! Or is it? That seems to be the only theory running around online that maybe it wasn’t Alison. And to this I say, face facts FOLKS! Alison isn’t dead. Get used to it and get over it.

Overall, I very much loved all the references back to season one and the pilot. Those moments were very sweet and loveable. But I have to shout it loud and proud, that I CALLED IT ALL FOR THIS EPISODE. I said Toby wasn’t dead, Alison was in the “red coat” and well, I’ve been saying since season one that Melissa was dirty. And keep that thought in mind.

I will see you all June 11th for the season 4 premiere. But take a moment just like the rest of us did…



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