Pretty Little Liars Season 3 Finale Question

The biggest question left from the finale is this…what or who is in the trunk?

In the ending of this season, we find Wilden’s car outside of the Emily’s house. This is the car that Aria and Hanna sunk in the pond (Or lake). Well, it’s playing the video from when Ashley hit Wilden and drove away. But this time it’s different, you find out why or how Wilden was able to get up and walk away.

Although he didn’t walk away, he was dragged away. But by whom? Well Melissa and Jenna of course. Upon seeing this, Emily and Mona notice the trunk is different and go to the back of the car. And then they open it…


So now it’s, what is in the trunk? Or who? Question question question. But now Mona is out of the loop (or is she?). My thought is that Mona has been apart of this game for so long and now all of a sudden she doesn’t know what is going on? Nope I don’t by it.

Another factor as to why I don’t believe Mona isn’t apart of this new team…She’s met Red Coat in person!


We saw at the end of season 2 that Mona had a conversation with a blond in a red coat. Which we all know now, is Alison. So how come Mona said she didn’t know who red Coat was? This is my biggest question. And my reason for not counting Mona out and innocent. Mona is dangerous and a wild card. These four better watch out.


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