The Vampire Diaries Theory

Alright, I have never really taken a lot of thought into this show. For several reasons, it is mainly I saw just watch and wonder what kind of crazy turn is going to happen. And up until this season, I never thought of a possible “cure”. But the 18th episode of this season has be thinking.

I want you to keep in mind that I have only read up to the point of when Tyler learns he’s a werewolf (hello season 2). That being said, this season I have no idea how it relates to the books.

To begin, I want to review what we have learned this season. First of all, having your humanity turned off is always a bad thing and it makes you more honest aka no filter. I love this about Elena. She is learning a whole new side to herself, I do believe she will get it back on, just not with the cure.

As for the cure, I have to back track to something else. In this season we learned that an “original” vampire can be killed. You have to have the white oak stake and makes sure you hit them in the heart. This in turn means that every vampire in their line dies as well, slowly filtering down until no one is left.

So here is my theory, if the “death” of an original kills everyone in a line, wouldn’t it do the same for a cure? I mean if they are linked cosmically through whatever magic that makes a vampire, a cure should then in turn make everyone (if an original takes the cure that is) turn human again. And since we know Silas is also a vampire and he is in fact also connected to all of the vampires we know, if he takes it and dies, doesn’t that mean all vampires will be cured?

This whole cosmic link thing needs to be taken a deeper look into. Now that we are close to the end of the season especially, I am interested to see how it all plays out. Oh, and to see if I’m right 😉


One thought on “The Vampire Diaries Theory

  1. No sorry. It wont work that way, Silas didn’t turn any vampires so he doesn’t have a bloodline. Like the originals, it’s the bloodline that connects them not cosmic magic.

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