Visit to Another World

For me, reading is my escape from this world. I also write as well. But reading, is almost an instant affect on getting me away. I believe this works for a lot of people. But for me, someone who can’t afford a vacation, it’s my only escape.

This is important because I can’t get any time off over the summer. My family vacation may not include me (union reps are fighting it). I am hoping for the best but if not, well i am going to find somewhere else to work. I honestly can’t believe how stupid all of this mess is.

So i dive into a book (just finished the Fifty Shades Darker). While I may not always like a book (I have a rating system) I do finish reading it. If I don’t, that really means the book is an disaster.

I take into account how my favorite authors write, and I try my best to not only give my voice in writing, but write how I know others like. I also take inspiration in from my own life. I don’t set up situations the same and yes, names are changes. But the feelings and deep set emotions that happen in them when I write, these are things I have experienced. They aren’t also accurate (hello I don’t have powers) but I use a strong emotion to emulate how it should feel.

I am still doing my best to try and get published. I am about half way through editing before I am going to start sending out Query Letters. This is the tough part, if you catch an agent, well then the road should begin to form. But there’s always rejection and pushing through all of that, is going to be interesting.


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