Historical Tribal – Survivor

If there is one thing about Survivor that I love it’s a fantastic blindside. And this week, we got it and then some folks.

The show starts off by basically having the majority saying they are going to vote off Reynold. And then a little annoying whining and crying from Dawn.

The crying and yelling on her part, jeez baby was front two teeth are fake too and when they break it sucks but it happens. I have to say I am more conscious of my smile but that doesn’t mean I don’t smile. So for her to freak the way she did, just calm the hell down. Stop the waterworks. I am so sick of this part of Survivor.

I don’t want to see someone cry until they are bleeding or in serious pain (not emotional).

So anyway, we move through a reward challenge (glad they are doing two again) and then onto immunity. The reward challenge favored women. Immunity favored the guys. In the end it was down to Reynold and Malcolm. Reynold won, saving him from being voted out by the majority (Stealth – R -Us).

Now that means Eddie and Malcolm are up for grabs. So naturally, everyone starts searching for the other hidden idol (Malcolm already has one). And what do you know, Malcolm finds the second idol.

So we go to tribal, the majority splitting votes in case they do play the idol that was just found around camp.

Needless to say this means tribal is going to be epic. And by epic, you know those hidden idols are coming out. But that is just a wow factor. Well Andrea announces that Malcolm found a hidden idol and he pulls it out, and shows it to Jeff. But just wait, there’s another one too. And he gives this to Eddie. So the three guys on the bottom are well, safe from the vote. You six now have to pick off one of your own.

But the guys are smart in the end (I thought they might not play them) and they do. Safe to say, PHILLIP IS GONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am never been so happy in my life. So annoying. But if you want to watch it all unfold, check out HuffingtonPost.


One of the best tribal council I have EVER seen!!!!


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