Justice has won

The past few days for those in the Boston area have been tense and anxious. There were two terror suspects running around town, free. Thursday night however, they finally located the suspects. However, they didn’t come into custody of their own free will. One brother was shot and killed by police and then run over by his younger brother.

That’s right, the two suspects were brothers. From all accounts and media outlets, they are both originally Russian born. Parents of course believe they have been framed and that the government is just looking for someone to blame.

This and all the evidence shows otherwise. However, I am still a firm believer in the “innocent until proven guilty”. But if the evidence shows me that you are guilty, I am going to say you are guilty.

That being said, it was a man hunt for almost a 24 hour period, looking for the younger brother. They did in the end find him. He had found shelter in a boat under a tarp in someone’s back yard. Police were able to get him to come out and he is now in “serious condition” at a local hospital.

Justice has won folks.


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