Warm Weather and Finals

Warm weather, something so simple that I can’t help but smile. Our weather is always up in the air here in Michigan but it’s something you get used to. When we go from 60 degree weather to the insanely odd 32 degrees, you tend to wish for the warmer.

And we have the warm weather. I am beyond happy to see it. Great timing too.

Don’t worry though, the colder weather will come back before we know it too.


And it’s finals time. I have completed two of them. I have a third one left, and I’m guessing by now you can figure what one is the last one I am doing. Java program. I am beyond livid reading what she wants for this assignment too. It’s not spelled out correctly and I am honestly sooooooo ready for this class to be done with. I am going to attempt to do it but in the end I am just going to be happy with whatever I get. I am passing all of my classes (better than I thought I would be) and that’s all that matters.

I can see Summer!!! 🙂


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