Survivor Finale and the clues for next season

So the winner of season 26 of Survivor was Cochran. Not my top pick but at least he did play the game to a point that he did deserve the win. The other two didn’t need to be there and I am glad that the jury made a point to let them know that.

All and all, pretty tame season finale.

The most important thing about last night is the clue to where they are going to go next season. And the set-up for the castaways.

The clue is this:



So now it’s Blood vs.Water. Alright, but usually they tell you were the season is headed. This time they didn’t. So now we need to guess where. Well usually Survivor goes some place warm but maybe we are gonna change it up? Some place cold for a change? That would be different.

The most important thing to take away from this is that we are most likely going to be using family members. The thought on this is that former players are going to be battling family. This would be very interesting. And I am hoping this is what will happen.

We will find out in September.


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