We didn’t even get buzzed – The Hangover Part 3 REVIEW

I have to admit, I read the reviews and saw other people who saw this movie and knew what I was getting myself into. With all of this in mind, I kept the other two Hangover movies in my mind when the movie started.

Also, a quick disclaimer, SPOILERS ahead.


This should be the dead giveaway of where things started to go wrong. This movie starts off with a giraffe being be-headed. First of all, this isn’t funny. This is horrible. Not to mention the huge crash/pile up that happens because of this.

Then be move into Alan’s Dad dying. This is out of left field and honestly, is supposed to be  the motivating thing for the entire movie. And it fails, miserably.

The point of this movie is to bring everything to a full circle. But it misses the main point of the movie to begin with. The Hangover (one and two) have always been about the drinking and trying to re-piece things. The final movie of the series does NONE of this. We miss the drinking, the bachelor party and of course, the figuring the missing pieces. And I know that the movie is advertised for being this way. But then it’s not really a Hangover movie.

And this is my biggest problem. The movie barely attempts to make comedy and I had more fun making fun of the movie than actually watching it. It’s slow, the storyline doesn’t go where it needs too. Also, the best part of the movie is the about one minute clip after the beginning of the credits.

I would have probably enjoyed this movie better if it had begun this way. I guess the only good thing is that now the entire Wolfpack is married. Shocking that Alan did in fact get married but then, we all love a happy ending right?

This movie was not what I expected or WANTED. The only consistent thing is that Doug once again doesn’t get to have any of the fun. And also, where the hell was Mike Tyson? He’s been in all of the movies but not this one. Epic fail.

My rating for The Hangover Part 3 is 3 our of 10. And honestly, I want to really give it a zero but it did slightly entertain me for the 100 minutes it ran. But yeah, I’d like a re-due of the final movie, thank you!


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