Humid and Hot

The humidity is through the roof today. That being said, there’s a lot of people in this house that I am at too. Probably to many people and right now, I would love some AC. But I will make it through, I will just sit here and sweat my little butt off. It’s supposed to be good for you right?

It supposed to rain and right now, that would be a nice welcome. Things have been interesting today. First face to face meeting and I don’t need to say it was easy. It was fine but my feelings still haven’t changed. And you and I both know that. I am fine with this and I accept it. I am not here for you I am here for my the others. Either way, you and I have to deal with each other. You know where you stand and that’s all that matters.

I am looking forward to tonight. It’s the 30th birthday party for a friend of mine. I am going to be exhausted at work tomorrow but honestly, I am going to enjoy it. And then we have to head to the hospital to visit my neighbour. She’s doing better but doesn’t leave until Tuesday. Glad things are turning around. I was beginning to get very worried there for a while.

But onto the heat and the mingling.


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