“A” – Pretty Little Liars 20 questions

So the time has come, we are only a week away from the season 4 premiere of Pretty Little Liars. That being said, “A” is playing a little game (way to go ABC Family to keep people interested). We are left to tweet/FB post what we think is in the trunk. The clue you may ask?


Well we know that the posts are what is going to get you the answer. But you can’t honestly tell me that they are going to reveal the cliff hanger before the episode. Nope, not going to happen. Remember, this is 20 questions, “A” style. Hmmm so what is the clue?


“Will it break if you drop it?” Well that’s not much of a clue. Of course this is vague. Can’t reveal anything to too detailed. So what to say in response? Well the “tweet” version is this…


I have answered what is the logical answer “A body”. We know this season starts with a funeral. We must begin a new arc of course (for those of you who have read the books, you know this). And this means, we must mirror the pilot episode a bit. But of course, this may be obvious as well. However, I have viewed some of the so called responses that people have given. There’s a few I would put on my list, and some I am wondering if you’ve ever watched the show. Either way, here you go…

1. I think it’s evidence from whatever happened to Detective Wilden in the trunk.

2. I think Alison’s body is in the trunk. (seriously we got her body back in the Halloween episode for season 3)

3. I think Cee Cee’s dead body is in the trunk.

4. I think evidence of the car being stolen by Hannah and her mom is in the trunk

5. I think it won’t break if you drop it. Well, unless you drop it off a cliff. Then yes.

6. I think Justin Bieber is in the trunk.

7. I think the Queen of Hearts costume is in the trunk.

Alright, there’s a lot of different version of what we see above. But those are the general ones. A couple others say that Jason or Hanna’s Mom, Ashley, is in the trunk. But if you have watched the clips from the premiere episode, you know Jason is apparently at his grandmothers house doing repairs. As for Ashley, come on, Momma Bear isn’t going to go down that easy.

I do like the Queen of Hearts Costume being in the trunk. That would be a good play on the season. However, it can’t be the full costume as we know because we saw it get buried in the woods. But then again, “A” does have tricks.

But if you pay attention to these on Twitter, come of them are just down right INSANE. Like some of them are just, “seriously? have you watched the last season at all?”. That however is just my personal opinion.

We shall have to wait for JUNE 11th to find out.


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