It’ll Be a Blood Bath – Game of Thrones episode review

I “found” Game of Thrones on HBO last November. I have caught up two season since then and I have been watching season 3 Monday’s after it airs Sunday. Special little website lets me stay caught up and I am completely grateful to it.

That being said, I usually have a good idea of what is to come. But when this episode got to the last 15 minutes or so, I was jaw to the floor. The Red Wedding was definitely red. Blood bath more like.

We are down more Starks now and once again, Aria Stark has some how managed to escape. She has more luck on her side than she knows. But I am just sad to see some great characters die the way that they did too. And I also want to know, how the allies they created somehow were able to get away. At least I think they did. Either way, all of that work for a quick death like that.

So sad. I just can’t wait to see Aria get her revenge. Oh that is going to be awesome. And I hope Aria and Mother of Dragons team up too. That would be a great alliance. Either way, definitely a MUST see episode.


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