If you need some hints – Pretty Little Liars

I have always been good when it comes to figuring out mysteries, especially when it comes to TV. That being said, I am sometimes asked how I can figure things out and know what is going to happen. Well, it’s all about paying attention to the little things. The smallest clues are the key.

When it comes to Pretty Little Liars, re-watching and re-watching is the key to figuring out some of the writer’s secrets and the shows story take from the books. And honestly, sometimes you can think you know what is going to happen and they toss you for a loop. This is possible using the smallest of phrases and key things that happen. Remember, small is the key.

Now, for the most important rule for Pretty Little Liars, the HALLOWEEN episodes. Never ever ever pass these off. They are the keys to important information and knowledge of what is going to happen. Now, I am going to point a few things out from the first episode. We see Mona as “A” before her time. The cat woman costume is the key. Now we see Alison in the “haunted house” and she is supposedly attacked. The girls think it’s Nole and so does Alison. We however learn that it’s Lucas.

Now we have learned from season 3 that Lucas has been doing work for Mona, for a long time. He made it seem like he was done. That’s not how “A” works.

Case in point, we move to the Halloween episode of season 3. Yes, this is the episode on the train, where Garrett dies and Aria is pinned with him. Luckily the girls are saved not before Aria makes her mark. Now while she is trying to get untied we hear a guy and girl trying to move her off the train and we know she stabbed one of them. We see the wound on Jason.

The question left in the end is not only “What’s in the trunk?” but who is the Queen of Hearts from this episode. Well honestly, I think the answer to that is obvious. Mona or Jason. I wont say who I believe it to be because well, that wouldn’t be any fun. Some of you believe it to be Toby but we never got to see who she gave the pills too. Not only that, if it was Toby, we would’ve seen it face. This is yet another “A” player.

The most important thing I want you to learn from all of this is that well, Mona is never out. She may seem like that from the season 3 finale but nope, never count her out. Mona has taken “A” to another level and we may have entered a new “arc” from the books but Mona is always a player. She started this (with some help). Keep this mind as you watch season four.

Anywho, if you still are questioning who is the Queen of Hearts, I give you some clues.

1. Halloween episode: “Look at everyone on this train, they didn’t just place us anywhere. Everyone in this car has something to do with Garrett Reynolds.” – Hanna

2. The list of who is in the car: Spencer, Toby, Emily, Hanna, Caleb, Paige, Aria, Ezra, Jenna, Nole, Lucas, and Jason. Time to start making a list and checking it twice.

3. Mona has always played the victim and we know from the end of this episode she was on that train. She was able to get off the train somehow, the question is how?


Those are my three clues on this last Halloween episode. If I’ve caught your attention, time to start re-watching.


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