Alison’s Room – Pretty Little Liars

Anyone else notice that Alison’s room seems to be gaining a lot of new attention. I am all for a grieving mother but why would you set it back up if you knew she was dead? Hmm so many questions. Plus the giant ass poster in the room that Emily saw wasn’t enough that something is going on.

So if you remember the pink poster with Alison’s image painted on it (twice mind you). This is what it says…


What does les petites filles ont tout le plaisir mean?

It means “Girls have all the fun” or “Little girls have all the fun/pleasure”. Sounds normal but we all know that Rosewood is anything but normal. Plus okay, why the double paintings?

Seems odd and honestly, we know from the book series that Alison has a twin. Are we bringing her to life now? Good.

And another thing, Mona says that she didn’t “recruit Toby” until after he gets a job in Bucks County. And we know this to be off from what the waitress says at the end of Season 3 to Topy “Pretty Eyes”. This is also said in season 2, when Dr. Sullivan gets taken. And we know that Toby is the one who calls her back to Rosewood. Interesting that Mona would be lying right?

Nope, remember Mona lies for a living and so do these girls. She may be telling some truths but she is also hiding things still. And you should never trust her. The fact that the liars instantly trust her for the most part, like really? Have you learned nothing?

Lets see how things roll in the second episode of season 4. Live tweeting like always, follow me!



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