The story behind Once Upon a Time – Season One TV Show Review

            Once Upon a Time in a far away land, there lived a town just like your own, that contains all of the storybook characters you fell in love with as a child. This town is called Storybrooke and for a young woman named Emma, she is about to find out if fairy tales exist or not. With the help of a boy named Henry, they begin to see the so called spell a dark witch has cast on all the characters. The live in our world, believing the things we do, except sometimes the stories have a way of coming back to life.

            Emma and Henry have to work together to un-spell this entire town. However, this is easier said than done. With the help of all knowing book, they are able to stop the evil witch (or dark Queen) from keeping her spell alive.

            I will be honest when I first heard of this show I had some serious doubts about how it could really be that good. After hearing about the show from a few of my friends I decided to give it a shot. Well to put it mildly, there went my weekend. Yes I sat down and watched all of the first season in about four days. And yeah, I almost was late returning the DVD to my library (free rental).

            Anyway, you get to see some great twists and turns on the fairy tales you grew up with (thanks Disney!). And I must say, I was impressed not only with how the story lines for each fairytale developed and changed, but also how the little actions they took in our world really showed you who they represented. No surprise here is that Henry already has everyone mapped out for who is who. Very impressive but he is also part of the story. Emma’s story, he is her son after all.

            Emma decides to stay to help Henry figure out this town and she ends up becoming the Sheriff (which I find funny given that the Mayor aka Evil Queen hates her). However, it seems these two are playing nothing more than a cat and mouse game with each other. They go from hating each other to getting along. You also learn why the Evil Queen hates Snow White so bad (Mary Margaret).

            I don’t want to reveal too many details, especially since anything I dig up will give me spoilers for the next two seasons I need to catch up on.

            My rating for this show is 9 out of 10 stars. I deduct a point only for that fact of sometimes not so flowing storyline throughout the series (it fixes this in the season finale). I have to now catch up on Season 2 and 3!


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