True Blood returns with a vengence!

I’m a bit behind on this post (I’m behind on quite a few posts). But we are two episodes into the sixth season of True Blood and I’m so happy to see it’s starting off right.

This season is going to be a blood bath. Vampires and Humans are are war and it’s been officially declared. Everyone and everything is fair game folks. What could happen?

Well before I start really diving in, a quick warning. CONTAINS SPOILERS. If you haven’t watched the first two episodes of the season, stop reading.

Well we start seconds after were we left in season 5. Yep, what is Bill? Well I have termed him Bilith. He is neither Bill nor Lilith. He is both. And as you see in second episode, he has some new found powers too. He’s very hard to kill and I’m starting to believe a true immortal.

The strange thing about all of this is that Sookie seems to be handling it rather well and Jessica is just about trying to find the old Bill. Jessica doesn’t understand that he is gone and Sookie has accepted it.

Now onto the war, the war of blood and power. All of this is just a historical repeat that we have all seen in the real world (minus the vampire part). But the idea that this would happen is so possible that I am in love with the fact that this season is focusing on it.

What I’m especially excited for it to learn more about Sookie’s Fairy blood side and how it all got started. And we got to meet her Grandfather Fairy finally (if you’ve read the books you know it’s been a long time coming).

So much more to be unfolded. And more of Eric fighting too!


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