Lets just say we did and know that we didn’t

I have been watching for months now, waiting and waiting for the official announcement and knowing it would never come. No one and I mean no one wants to do anything and honestly, this is the reason why we don’t need a reunion.

I have never wanted a five year reunion and when the subject was brought up at the beginning of this year, I literally wanted to hit something. Because here is my thought, if I’m not talking to you now, it means I don’t want to at a reunion either. The only thing I want to see is who is bald and who got fat (in about 20 years).

Anything between then, needs to not happen. And we elected people to take care of this stuff and surprise, surprise, they aren’t doing anything to make a reunion happen. They all are quote “too busy” to plan anything.

Good, that means we wont have one. Makes it easier to pretend I didn’t get the invite if the invite never came. The best thing about all of it, is the arguing between people on our class Facebook page. And it just proves, why I don’t talk to them anymore.


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