The vampires are zombies and everything has become Radioactive – True Blood Season 6 finale REVIEW

There are a few things about the entire season 6 of True Blood that I would like to just have not see happen. First things first, how this entire season went (a lot of confusion in this too).


We begin right where we left off in season 5. Sookie and the others have to escape what is now the “new” Bill (I have referred to him as Bilith through this season). He is being a typical monster and they do escape. We learn that Bilith has some sweet powers and that Jessica doesn’t want to leave him (sire bond).

Meanwhile Jason meets Grandpa Niall who is the royal Fairy blood in the family and part of the season why Sookie has her powers. He wants to save Sookie from the threat of Warlow, who we know escaped.

We also know that the government has decided to go to war with the vampires and they are beginning to test them. Bring in Sarah Newland please! And we do get her and we meet some new characters.

Well they are just warring, they are testing/studying the vampires. They invent a camp that reminds me a lot of what I would think a Nazi camp would look like back in time. Now the vampires have to figure out how to get out and somehow get away from a new virus they have created called Hep V.

To make this short, this season went pretty much like this, we have an episode that moves things along and develops a story and then the next is simply a filler. There were some good points though:

1. Terry finally dies.

And I just want to clarify, I’m sad that once again Arlene is single (she’s a black widow). She is now stuck with 3 kids without a Dad too. But I am happy to see his ridiculous storyline end. I was bored half-way through season 5 with his freaky demon haunting him. That was pushed along too much and finally we can stop the storyline of an episode around him and get to the other characters.

2. Sam finally gets a happy ending and gets over Sookie.

For once, a character actually learned they needed better. Sam has been in love with Sookie for so long and I am happy to see him find someone who loves him (for real) and isn’t just going to be there when it works for them. He stood his ground and went with her and told Sookie it could never be. Now this has a lot to do with the fact that she’s prego but it still happened.

3. Steve Newland is dead!

Since season 2 I have wanted this man dead. I have to say seeing him as a vampire was a little boost that was needed but that wore off really quickly. Needless to say Steve never changed and he proved that fact this entire season. He was feeding The Governor (hello Walking Dead reference number 1) information about where to find vampires and specifically only doing it to save his butt. But even through feeding information, the other vampires (Eric, Bilith, Pam, Jessica and Tara) all knew what he was doing. In the finale, Eric finally gets his hands around his throat and Steve burns in the fire of the light. Thank the lord!

4. Jason gets his shit together and learns that vampires aren’t that bad.

Jason has developed a odd relationship with vampires and he has gone back and forth on whether they are good or not. This season you finally figures it out. And I want to thank Grandpa Niall for helping him because wow, without him, Jason would still be seeing his damn dead parents. He also wants to fight against vampires who do harm but we wants to save Jessica. In the end of this season, he becomes the human to a vampire named Violet. Jessica is no longer a thought in his mind (even though he went to the vampire camp to save her). Jessica finds a vampire to love and it’s like their relationship never happened. I didn’t understand that entire point of the season and I still have a huge “WTH” thought on the entire thing. However, Jason seems happy with Violet (except for the no sex part and going down on her 178 nights in a row without some relief himself).

5. Alcide and Sookie finally get together!

Sookie finally got it in her head that Alcide was a good guy and the guy she should be with. Thank the lord! It took forever for her to figure out that the vampires aren’t what she should want. Alcide is of course a gentleman and well he has the risk factor that Sookie always wants being well a werewolf. But a part of her will always have a tender for Bill (which given it’s a first love, I expect).


6. We leave the Vampire Authority in the dust!

For five seasons, we have been going on and on about the laws the vampires have to live by. This includes the Sheriff’s, a Queen/King, and finally to the Authority. I never understood why the introduced this part of the series (I’m talking books) if in about season 3 or 4 we were just going to let the vampires do what they want. And of course, we know the abuse of power that develops. And like all great powers, they end by Bilith. Who we are led to believe is a “God” because of Lilith’s blood. And I am sooooooo happy that this crap is over. I always thought if we were gonna bring Lilith into this show, she needed to be alive, not a fictional immortal character that was still trying to control things.


Clearly this was not a great finale (I was very pissed off when I finished the episode). I was unhappy with the quick little ending to the entire season in the first 35 minutes and then we just suddenly decide to time jump six months later. Like what was the point? We couldn’t have just left that for another episode and developed something different for the last 25? Nope not how we decided to do it.

Also I want to point out, I’m sick of my shows on Showtime and HBO being cut down to 10 episodes of a season instead of the 12 or 13 I’m used too. Like are we that lost in developing a story that we have to cut two episodes? Umm if you need help, I’m sure a ton of us fans (myself included) would be willing to help.

Anyway, this season ends with all the vampires being unable to walk in the sunlight anymore. Warlow is killed by Jason with the help of Grandpa Niall. He of course (we quickly just decide to throw this in there btw) that he is a bad guy. Okay this is a DUH and ABOUT TIME moment.


We time jump (again this was ridiculous) and the vampires that were infected by the contaminated True Blood are now going from town to town and killing all the humans. They pack up and attack at once. And while this isn’t really explained how they are able to walk around (Nora was infected and could barely walk let alone attack a human) and why they are forming packs. You are left to figure this out.

We end the entire season 6 with a party at what used to be Merlotte’s Bar (which is now Bellefleur’s bar and grill, bought with the insurance money I’m guessing). They are asking the humans (who had their blood tested for Hep V) if they allow a vampire to feed on them then the vampire will in-turn protect them from the infected vampires. The idea is a good one, until you learn the infected vampires are well, traveling in packs. We know that Bill is back to his normal self and has even written a book.

Cut to the very last two minutes, Alcide and Sookie find out that they don’t carry the virus and want to leave the party. They do not want to offer their blood to a vampire and when they are about to climb into Alcide’s truck, cue Bill to walk in. Through a small almost awkward moment between these three Alcide and Bill suddenly stop talking.

Cue the infected vampires, who walk like zombies and who will kill anything human in the area in order for their blood and they don’t care the age/sex. They kill without thinking. They are heading towards the party and boom, we end the season.

Lame. Lame way to end. Not a good cliffhanger because we  know there are a ton of vampires at this party to protect the humans. And this is why I am so pissed. Like really? The show is going to be acting like it’s The Walking Dead. I am just, we really can’t come up with something more original? We have to go to the zombie factor? Please, try something else because you are going to lose a lot of your viewership.

Also, this season finale felt like it was going to clearly end the show. The vibe was truly there and I honestly didn’t believe we were going to get a season 7. Well we are and this show may truly be ending and that feeling is pretty plain (I know I wasn’t the only one who felt this vibe).

Try better for season 7 please True Blood. I really and truly need something better to even begin to trust the story anymore. And please, come up with something more original then trying to play off the The Walking Dead hype. Thanks!




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