Hello to all the stalkers out there!

This is going to sound odd, but we all do it so lets just nod in agreement and move on. We all look up people on Facebook/Twitter. Sure we may do it for the prize of seeing them being fatter than when we last saw them, or you want to know more about the person.

That being said, if someone is cyber stalking me, I have to wonder at your sanity. I don’t consider myself to be an entertaining or enlightened person. I find myself in the “weird” and “outspoken” category. Not that I am being cyber stalked (at least as far as I know, but hi to whomever you are if you are). But we all can agree that we do this at some point. No fighting or denying it, because I will call you out at some point.

Anyway, if there is a cyber stalker for me, I have a few questions.

  1. Am I really that entertaining for you to keep checking up on me?
  2. Have you learn something you would care not to ever know?
  3. Have you lost your mind yet with my insanity?
  4. Are you enjoying all of my typos?
  5. Do I know you in the flesh?
  6. Have you learn something that made you want to know more?
  7. If so, what is it and why?
  8. Is this list getting too long?
  9. Are my questions getting a little annoying?
  10. What’s your name, location, and Twitter/Facebook handle?

All is far if I can cyber stalk you back right? Happy hunting folks! 🙂


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