Pretty Little Liars Season 4 Summer Finale, TV SHOW REVIEW

Well, well, well Liars! Look at what we have here? It’s another summer finale, to kill about two months before we get a Halloween special. The Halloween special also will bring us Ravenswood (I think these two shows will interlock with each other so you best watch both). But lets get right down too it shall  we?




To being, we start with what this season has been about, answers. We find out that Ashley didn’t kill Wildon (DUH) and she gets set free. We learn that CeCe is in fact “RED COAT” or at least one of them and that she has been in that black hoodie. We learn that Ravenswood holds a lot of clues for Ali’s past and what happened to her that night when she supposedly died. And we learn who the other new “A” may or may not be (And I say this for those of you who are still hoping for a good person, like Toby).


Alright, we start off with “A” bringing/leaving gifts for the Liars. This happens about three times. The first one are magic eight balls that “A” has left a message in (which hello, good job “A”). The message is…

“If she goes free, you’ll hear from me. Kisses. – A”

This is a warning about the so called release of Hanna’s mom, Ashley. She does go free with the help of new hottie Travis. They also ID the woman that killed Wildon, CeCe. Surprise? Nope, she never liked Wildon and when he started threatening, it was game over.




The next message delivered (which okay, “A” has quite a budge for personal deliveries). This time it’s not broken down and it’s a coffin. A white coffin to be exact.


I can’t seem to find the message left but it basically said that Mona was going to be the next one to disappear if the Liars didn’t find her before the cops did. Well this isn’t an easy task because Mona has been released from Radley. This makes Toby and Caleb go on a hunt. They want to end this so called “A” game right now.

Meanwhile the Liars begin to search for their own answers and spend some time also with the ones they love. Hanna is with Caleb outside of Mona’s house, Spencer and Toby are curled up on the couch in front of the fire, Aria is at the Brew with Ezra (And they kiss), and Emily is curled up with Paige watching a movie.


But to get things moving along, here is what we learn. Shawna is helping Wren move. Wren is moving to London with Melissa. Toby finds out by a paper that drops on the ground at the brew. He begins to follow her. This leads Toby to Mona, who is helping or working with Shawna (you choose).

Another message gets delivered. This is the final delivery message (not the last from “A” in the episode however.)


This comes in a magic trick box. Now, if you have been paying attention to posts from the cast/producers, you know that the Halloween special is going to take us to Ravenswood. That being said, Spencer figures out that there is a magic show going on in Ravenswood and this where they decide to head.

I’m going to jump through some stuff real quick. They go to the magic show, Aria gets picked to do a trick. She goes up, meanwhile Emily is being taken by someone. After the magic trick, another message comes through (it’s in French but I have the translation).

“Slight of hand. Kisses. – A”

The girls figure out where Emily is because somehow Emily still has her phone (this “A” is nice to leave it for her). The girls bust into an old wood factory and save Emily just in time (yay! like you didn’t see that coming). And this is where the girls learn that there are two RED COATS. Yep, two. I didn’t find this shocking. So the girls head off after each Red Coat. Aria heads off and learns that it’s CeCe. Put during the struggle, CeCe goes over and falls. Supposedly to her death but she disappears right in front of the Liars.


Spencer meanwhile heads off after the other Red Coat. This Red Coat waits for Spencer and leads her to an “A” lair apartment. Computers and boards of information.


The girls decide to stay and get some information from this lair. They learn that “A” has also been following Red Coat. Seems that this Black Hoodie wants to find Ali. After spending some time in here, they decide to crash the old fashion party that is going on. This is invitation only. They learn this from Ali’s old friend. They also learn from her that Ali is alive.

“Haven’t you all felt it? She was never really gone.” – Mrs. Grunwald


She is also the one who pulled Ali from the grave. To which Emily replies…

“If Ali is still alive, then whose funeral did we go too?” – Emily

She also warns them that Ali learned who was stalking her and it wasn’t Mona. It was a guy (Which the Liars already learned from the new lair). But now they know they know this new “A” too. And this is the face response.



Now we pan back to the “A” lair the girls just left. They decide in the end to go to the party anyway, they want to find and talk to Ali themselves.

And here is the part that I want to say before I post the picture. This so called BIG REVEAL, isn’t that surprising. If you have been paying attention from day one (like me), you know that a lot of the so called reveals can’t that surprising. I haven’t been surprised since season 2 (and that was towards the beginning). The little details are KEY. I have stated this before.

Anyway, here is the so-called new “A”.


Yes folks, Ezra has been stalking the girls and Ali. He is board-shorts. He is the hottie that Ali may or may not have gottan prego from.

Here are the reason why this shouldn’t have surprised you.

  1. He came to Ali’s funeral. Why would he go to a funeral for someone girl he doesn’t even know? And it’s not just for Aria for those of you who just thought that.
  2. He likes them young. He didn’t even question hooking up with Aria. And okay, Aria looks young and not just because she’s short. It also continued after he learned how young she was.
  3. He also seemed to know what Aria was going to tell him. A little extra sense maybe? No. He always seemed to have some sort of reference from a story Aria was telling.
  4. Check the cash in the drawer. Where did it come from? He said it was from a car he sold and sure his brother showed up arguing about it. I say this money comes from the reward money Jason was offering. I have thought it the moment Aria saw it.
  5. He always seemed to be around right when Aria needed him. Call it good timing or well, a little cute. Nope this is weird and always has been weird.
  6. He went to Hollis college with CeCe and where Ali spent a lot of her time. He would’ve met Ali at a party there or when Ali spent the summer with CeCe.

Yeah, those are just a few of the small things that have been obvious. Some of the other details take a lot of re-episode watching for you to see. Honestly, I’d like to list them all but I’ve done my rant.

All and all, not that surprising. This season has been very laid back. And I know it’s because we are just getting answers and I’m good with that. It allows me to go “DUH” and “That’s not shocking”. Now, if this show is somehow still surprising you, start re-watching from season 1. This will help.

In the mean time, re-watch the last episodes until October 22 when we get the Halloween episode. Also, mark Ravenswood on your Calendar. This show is going to interlock with Pretty Little Liars and well, this means you need to watch both.

I’ll see you for the Halloween special!



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