Lets just say there’s more than two guns – 2 Guns Movie Review

To start, this post contains SPOILERS. If you haven’t seen the movie 2 Guns, and you don’t want to have anything revealed, then I suggest you don’t read this until after. Take this as your warning!



What happens when two undercover agents finally decide to turn each other in? A whole lot of gun fire and a pretty well twisted plot. We begin with meeting two guys driving into a small town. They decide to go to a diner and all seems fine and clear but they have something else up there sleeve. They are staking out the diner in order to do a robbery. Not only that, these two work for two different agencies and a Mexican drug lord. Meet Robert “Bobby” Trench (Played by Denzel Washington) and Michael “Stig” Stigman (played by Mark Wahlberg.


Bobby and Stig are attempting to cross the border when they are taken into custody. This is how you learn that each one of them works for a different agency in the government, although neither of them knows it. Bobby works for the DEA and they have been trying to capture and build a case against Papi Greco (Played by Edward James Olmos), the leader of a Mexican drug cartel. Meanwhile, Stig is trying to build a case and get his name clear, he is Naval Intelligence agent. Stig is attempting to find out where the money laundry is going and who it is funding.


Unknown to both Stig and Bobby, they are just pawns in a bigger game. Bobby is being played by his ex girlfriend, Deb (Played by Paula Patton). At the same time, Stig is being played by his supervisor Quince (Played by James Marsden). After they rob the bank at the small town (Where we started in the diner), they decide to turn on each other, Stig and Bobby I mean. And by turn, I mean turn in.


Well that is easier said then done. Soon these two have to start working together to figure out where the mole is. And like any true government agency movie, it all starts with the CIA. Yep, the CIA is the big bad in this movie (obvious). And that brings us to Early (played by Bill Paxton), the man trying to figure out where the money is.

Now why would the CIA care about some stolen money? Well it turns out, they didn’t still it from Papi, they stole it from the CIA. And now just any simple amount of money, oh no we’re talking about 45 million (I may be wrong on the exact amount).

However, this is a gun and action movie folks, so it’s not just a simple robbery. No it turns out these two are being played by there out friends. Deb is dirty and so is Quince. And it all started at a hotel where Stig brought the money to Quince. Deb and Quince have been working together for a couple of months trying to find the money so they could run away together and live the wealthy life.

Both Stig and Bobby try to tell the people above both Deb and Quince that but in the end, it doesn’t do any good. Bobby gets confronted by Earl and his other CIA agents after they kill his boss. And they demand to know where the money is, typical.

After pointing a gun at Bobby’s junk, Early asks again where the money is. Bobby replies with a smirk “Well it aint down there I can tell you that.”

After some turns and some bullets flying and lets face it, some serious blood loss, Bobby and Stig somehow manage to figure out who is dirty and that they are on their to figure it out. They also know that the CIA isn’t going to stop once they get the money back.


In a great wonderful fashion, all of the Mexican’s involved in the drug empire are killed and well, the CIA agents are shot down from their helicopter. The ending scene is pretty much the best moment of the entire movie.

Overall, the movie is a well put together action flick. I give it a 8 out of 10 Stars. I drop a few points off for the obvious things like how the movie plot flows and well, the so called twists on who is dirty. These are pretty easy to figure out. I recommend you see it for sure, especially for the witty comedy between Denzel and Mark.


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