It’s safe to say we’ve grown – Grown-Ups 2 Movie Review

To begin, I want to warn anyone reading this post that it CONTAINS SPOILERS. That being said, read at your own risk if you haven’t seen Grown-Ups 2. Another note, I try to be fair with all of the movies I do, my rating is my own personal opinion and yes, it may very well differ from yours. Please keep in mind that I respect your opinion on it just as I hope you respect mine. Thanks!


Grown-Ups 2 is the sequal to of course, Grown-Ups that came out in 2010. I will not, I repeat give a quick own personal review of what happened in Grown-Ups. Instead, I provide the one posted on IMDb.

After their high school basketball coach passes away, five good friends and former teammates reunite for a Fourth of July holiday weekend.

To be fair, that doesn’t cover everything the movie is about but it does give you an idea of why they have come back home and how these four friends came to be friends in the first place. We are now talking them being older and having their own families.

Jump to Grown-Ups 2. We are doing a bit of a time jump where Lenny Feder (played be Adam Sandler) and Roxanne Chase-Feder (played by Salma Hayek) have moved back to the small town where Lenny grew up. Also, this is where his other three friends live: Eric Lamonsoff (played by Kevin James), Kurt McKenzie (played by Chris Rock), and Marcus Higgins (played by David Spade). They are now back home and living it up having the gang back together.

If only it were that simple, sure it seems like things are going to be great but apparently it’s now the time to get things off their own personal bucket lists. And that includes some things I would rather never seen again (all four friends naked).

To make this quick. Roxanne wants to have another kid and she wants Lenny to be on board for it (she is really pushing for it). Well it turns out (and if you don’t guess this right away, PAY ATTENTION), she is already pregnant and she is trying to see how Lenny feels about it before she tells him.

Back to the bucket list, the guys used to always swim at this whole in the wall lake in the middle of the woods. Well it turns out Eric never jumped off the high cliff before and now he wants to get it done. So the guys make a trip to the cliff.


And from the start, you know something is going to happen because lets face it, this group never has ANYTHING go smoothly. So the guys get to the cliff and they see the party happening on the other side. Unknown to them, two of their kids have crashed the party and are living it up. So it’s time to jump right? The guys are trying to talk Eric into doing it and ragging on him when the frat boys show up. Cue Taylor Lautner aka Frat Boy Andy


Well to make this quick. the guys are quickly trying to outsmart the guys but in the end, the frat boys win. This means all four have to jump naked. This is the part I wish I had NEVER seen. Yep, naked and yuck. This is just the beginning of the so called “problems”. The frat boys return back home to find their place completely trashed and they know just who could be responsible: Lenny, Eric, Kurt and Marcus.

During all of this two, the guys have finally started to “grow up”. And there some mild humor and honestly the “storyline of growing” is mediocre. The storyline here is starts to drag and while the family feel is there (cue the reveal of Roxanne being really pregnant) it has to wondering if this is the end of the movie. Nope, time for a Halloween party thrown at Lenny’s place.

And this requires some costumes. But it’s not that easy. Lenny has yet to teach his own son to stand up to bullies so what better way to do it then stand up to his own? Hmm this guy is built and we know that Lenny wouldn’t stand a chance in real-life against this guy but for a movie, we have to make it work. So while this party is going on, they decide to make a show of it. Lenny ends up beating the guy and there is your so called “life lesson” for his son. Lets pause for a moment of “AWW”.

Well remember those frat boys? Yep, time for them to show up. Yeah just when you thought the movie was going to be over, lets just throw one last problem in. The frat boys have come to stand up against Lenny and the rest of them for what they did to their place. It turns out they didn’t do it but Marcus’ long lost son who just happens to be around when this movie starts. And I guess you know, lets have a fun battle sequence because, why the hell not?


And the battle begins and I honestly think Andy is only in this movie because Taylor Lautner can do a ton of back flips and tricks because really, that’s all he does. That and some really awkward “bro” moments. But in the end, the town wins the fight and the frat boys run screaming. And it seems like everything is going to work out and in the end, it does. Clearly this movie is meant to be an ending but you never know with Happy Madison productions.

Overall, the movie is a lot longer than it needs to be but it’s got some cute moments. My overall rating is about 6 out 10 stars. That being said here are my reasons.

  1. The storyline drags and you have to begin to wonder if there is a point to some of it.
  2. The comedy is dry, especially if you compare it to the first movie.
  3. The acting seems forced at times
  4. And finally, it was a movie of cameos. It shows you who Adam Sandler is friends with (apparently a lot of people too)

But if you liked the first one and were curious about this one, give it a shot but don’t spend the money on buying the DVD. You will want to rent it, trust me.



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