Short-Story contest

Last year, the local library chain near where I live decided to hold a short-story writing contest. It was open to the public and those of us residing in the area. Open to any ages and feel free to write about what you want. Of course there were rules about length and words and all of that generic stuff but it was still pretty cool to see. The best part, you could be published if you made it in the top of the short-stories.

All of that sounds good and fun but honestly, they didn’t really give you a whole lot of details on what they were looking for. I wrote a pre-quel story to my Guardian series (the series I’m currently Querying). It was a quick little snap of what the first generation went through. Not the way I wanted to write it but I went with it all the same because hey, it’s a chance to be published.

Obviously I didn’t get into the top spots for public voting. Apparently my “young adult” story wasn’t right for my age group. Something they neglected to mention when the contest began. Yes folks, you have to write for your age group. No writing for children or young adult, nope adult set books.

Upon reading that I was clearly peeved about it. And I know I wasn’t the only one, and once again this year they have neglected to put that little bit of information in the contest rules. I mean really? Can’t you just put it in there, be easier for people to write. I guess it takes out a lot of people from the necessary selection.

Either way, I know the rules this year so I’m going to write for what I fit (Adult). My story is a bit darker than I’m used to writing. It’s a journey piece of a girl. I don’t really want to get into details for obvious reasons.

I told myself when they decided to do this contest again that I wasn’t going to do it. Somehow, I am doing it. Call me a sucker but it’s a small chance at being published that I want to take. And if I don’t make it into the top spots for public voting, hey at least I tried. I’d say if it doesn’t happen again this year that I wont do it again but that would probably be a lie. And I’m all about honesty.

Wish me luck!


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