Art Prize 2013

Art Prize in Grand Rapids, Michigan begins tomorrow! Art Prize is a HUGE art-filled event that happens once a year in the fall. The normal time frame is around September to October. This event is a pure open public event and it allows you to get into the museums for free and honestly get to see more of Grand Rapids than you probably ever will.

If you don’t live in Michigan like myself, this is probably something you may have never heard of. That’s alright! If you are an art lover or just want a fun eventful trip, come to see Art Prize! This year, it runs from September 18th to October 6th. One amazing thing is that the winner of Art Prize is chosen by the public. Now there are some restrictions on who can vote, and I believe you have to be from Michigan in order to vote but that doesn’t mean you can’t have a favorite. My personal favorite and the best piece I’ve seen to date, won last year. I’m very interested to see what the artist have to offer this year.

If you are curious or want to see some of the pieces please visit HERE! 

That link also will give you any additional information you’re interested in! I will post some of my favorite pieces once I get a chance to walk Art Prize.


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