Survivor: Blood vs. Water Season Premiere Episode – TV Show Review

Oh Survivor! I have been watching this show for the entire 27 seasons! I’ve seen every episode and in the past three years, I have been LIVE TWEETING the entire show. Now that is easier said than done because sometimes I run out of the allowed amount of tweets and I have to stop before the show is really over.

Not only that, I like to chat with people back and forth on twitter about the show. Sometimes we discuss who is going to be voted off or what the direction the episode is going.

Keeping all of this in mind, when it comes to season premiere episodes, the show has been pretty consistent on keeping it together. This season the show decided to go free-style. This season is all about the partners and while some of them are related or dating/married, in the end there can only be one winner. It’s an idea of what would you do, win or let your loved one win.

Now in true about past five season (may be more) we have been bringing back past players to play with new players. Just to shake things up and how it works. This time the old players (10 of them) brought someone with them. Thus we have 20 (for those of you who didn’t do the math). And right off the bat we are gonna vote two people off. This kicks us to 18 people let.

Candace (former player) and Laura (former player Rupert’s wife) are voted off. And because Rupert is a stand-up guy (I personally think he’s lazy and doesn’t do a lot on the show) he choice to leave his tribe and switch with his wife. This means his wife gets to go to his tribe and he will go to Redemption Island.

Now the idea of Redemption Island literally pisses me off to no end. The entire show of Survivor is to Outwit, Outplay and Outlast. Once you are voted off, until we brought the whole Redemption Island into play in it’s original season, you were done. You’re time of playing the game is over. And that’s been the basic function and form of this show. Redemption Island however, allows you to be voted off and then re-enter the game if you make it through the entire time on Redemption Island. And usually they take two to three people. And well, this means one less challenge with tribes and more onto Redemption or listening to people complain at camp. Redemption Island is and of itself, kills the entire Outwit, Outplay and Outlast. You shouldn’t have a chance to play again, you were voted out. And now only that, you don’t get to form the alias’ you need while at Redemption Island to survive the rest of the game (and as far as I can remember, no one has one by spending the entire time at Redemption).

Anyway, this premiere episode was boring. You had Candace and Rupert go to Redemption and we don’t see them until we’re close to the episode ending. We go back to camp and we see that the returning players have got this all formed down. And the new players have figure it out too. We talk and some strange alliances begin to form. Not only that you learn who you kinda like and who has returned that you can’t stand (for me it’s Colton). We also have a lot of crying (way more than necessary this early).

We go to the Immunity Challenge where it seems like the TadHanna (new players) were going to win. However, in any true Survivor challenge, it always comes down to the puzzle. Now TadHanna had quite a lead on Galang (old players). But when it came to the puzzle, Galang dominated it and quickly closed the gap. And they won. This meant TadHanna was going to tribal to vote yet another person to Redemption Island. They decided to vote off Marissa based on the fact that her uncle on Galang, Gervase was being cocky that they won.

Yes, that is literally the ONLY reason why she was voted off. They voted for her instead of Katie who didn’t do anything remotely helpful during the challenge. Yeah the logic is very questionable and not only that, Marissa is a strong player when it comes to the challenges (she was quick to get her part done). And this early into the season you want strong players and to get rid of the weak. Apparently Tadhanna is gonna try a different route.

So Marissa joined Candace and Rupert at Redemption Island. End of episode.

Yeah, uneventful  and honestly a horribly boring episode of Survivor. I’m hoping this show is gonna pick up otherwise it’s gonna make for a really boring season.


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