I’ve been a little neglectful

Wow guys! I just realized it’s been a while since I posted anything. I believe the last time I posted was about ArtPrize. And yeah, I walked ArtPrize and found my favorite pieces. All three made it into the top 10 and I’m hoping to have my real favorite win. If that happens it will be two years in a row that I’ve picked the winner.

Entries this year were lacking in interest on my part. I thought a lot of them were average and I know they take a lot of time to do and honestly, I would never enter anything myself so bravo for doing that. Compared to the past years, this year wasn’t that great. However, I still walked and I still found pieces I love. Voting is key and if you live in Michigan, you should vote if you are walking.

Anyway, what else has been going on? Well I’m still working on finding a book agent. I’ve got about five query letters sitting out there waiting to be reviewed. I’ve gottan my share of rejections and those are expected. I know the story is good and I’ve got plenty more where the one I’m currently querying came from. I also decided to do the short-story contest at my local library again this year. I didn’t make it into the second round last year but given the amount of entries, I am just happy to enter. My issue is that I’m currently experiencing writer’s block.

This is the worst and I’ve been really busy with school and work. If I’m not at work, I’m usually doing some form of homework or simply reading to relax. I may be out enjoying a few spare hours here and there. I have a couple of movies I want to write reviews for and I’m hoping at some point in the next month I can get around to not only watching them but also getting the reviews posted.

It would be cool if I could just get my grades off of how many reviews I posted right? If only my professor’s worked that way…


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