Making turns

When it comes to life, you never really know what you are going to get. That has always been obvious. However, if we all know this, why is it so difficult to take? It is true that you can’t always predict what is going to happen or even see it coming but there are little signs we all have to pay attention too.

What are these signs? Oh where to begin! Sometimes they are in the smallest of details spoken or in the actions of those around you. Just like in the game of Survivor, blindsides are going to happen. Blindsides are one of the most difficult things to face and honestly, even with experience each one is different.

How you navigate is the most important thing. If you take each hit with stride and honestly, with your head up and a smile. Easier said than done but all the same important. Reacting to each hit with some crazy quick reaction or immature words will only cause more trouble. Personal experience in witnessing that should be able to teach you enough of that.

Each cut you take, does leave it’s mark. Sometimes these marks are real scars, shown on the body or ones left on the heart. The ones on the heart are the worst of all. But somehow there is always someone or something that can make those scars seem just a little less painful.

And that is the thing to hold onto….


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