The Walking Dead – Season 4 Premiere, first two episodes – TV Show Review

When it comes to The Walking Dead, I’m sure most of you know it’s about surviving the zombies that now walk the Earth. That being said, before I begin, I will say my general warning rule. If you haven’t watched any of the show or the beginning of Season 4, be warned that this post contains SPOILERS. If you don’t want it ruined or want to know what is happening before you have a chance to watch, don’t read. If you do read, don’t blame me for letting it all out. You’ve been warned!


We begin season 4 with a small time jump. The group who just came from Woodberry to join the others at the prison have been co-existing with each other. They have begun to build a home at the prison, as crazy as it sounds. They each have different jobs and have even set up a council in charge of making decisions for the group.

Rick has taken up the farming man job. He has quite a garden growing and has even some headphones to take out the sound of the walkers who have grown against the fence. The group has also managed to find some pigs and even a horse to help travel with. Michonne comes back from one of her scouting missions looking for the Governor on the horse.

All seems to be going well, a simple life in a crazy world right? Well come on now, this is The Walking Dead, nothing is ever easy or simple. In true form, we need to shake things up. First, Carol has been teaching the kids how to defend themselves instead of teaching them the normal way in a classroom setting. Everyone at the camp believes that Carol is actually teaching until Carl attends one of her classes and sees what is really happening. Carol doesn’t want anyone to know but she also believes that the children need to know how to defend themselves. All of which, I agree with.

“Today, we’re talking about knives. How to use them, how to be safe with them, how they could save your life.” – Carol

Meanwhile, Michonne returns from her trip and immediately heads out with a scouting group looking for food. They are heading to a local store where they believe supplies are available. Daryl has already been around the place and set a trap to get the walkers away from the main gate. That doesn’t solve the problem from the walkers on the inside of the store. One of the new kids even has a running joke with Daryl, asking him what he used to be before the world went to hell.

The best part about these guesses is that sometimes they seem to fit and we may never really know the real answer although you can probably give a great guess. As to the store, the crew gets inside and the ceiling gives way after too many walkers on the roof stand in one spot. All hell breaks loose and honestly, it’s one of the most exciting parts of the episode.

Meanwhile back at the prison, Rick and Carl notices that one of the pigs has been sick. They have no idea what or how the pig got sick but hope it’ll get better. Also, the have been forming teams to take care of the walkers on the fence. They are growing daily, clearly because the prison has a large group of living people in it. Another point made is that Rick and the others have found a few survivors out in the world around them (just seems odd that no one was around before but now we find people).

Rick is out checking the traps set to get food when he comes across a woman who has been surviving with her husband. He agrees to let them join their camp if they can answer his three questions.

“How many walkers have you killed? How many people have you killed? Why?” – Rick

In the end, the crazy woman actually turns out to be crazy. She ends up killing herself to be with her husband who has already turned. Rick leaves her to bleed to death.

Also it seems that a sickness is spreading through the camp or prison. It comes on fast and presents like the flu. Patrick, one of the new kids, is the first to die from it. He is also Carl friends. The pig that was sick also dies. Thus beginning a circle.

That is the premiere episode, which brought in HUGE numbers for AMC and made the premiere episode it’s biggest yet. Overall however, the episode is rather dull and kinda setting the motions for the rest of the season.


The second episode, start by someone setting rats to the fence. This is drawing the walker to form packs and this begins to bend the fence. And they have to quickly come up with a way to get the walkers down and stop the fence from falling in.

Patrick also comes back as a walker, because that’s how the infection works. Patrick’s sickness however seems to have mutated the look of the walker and he quickly finds his way to Cell Block D to feed and he does feed. Soon all hell breaks loose and the group has to quickly put down everyone and even let those who have been bit, say their goodbyes.

Carol has two adopted daughters now, after their father is bit and she is forced to put his down. The girls take it hard as usual. Michonne is about to plan another trip out but ends up getting hurt just as she leaves in order to help along the fence.

The group has a Doctor now and he figures the sickness is some sort of flu and it attacks quickly. They need to get everyone who is showing symptoms into their own section of the prison in case they die like the rest did. Tyreese’s girlfriend is showing symptoms but follows with what is ordered and says she will be fine. Before anyone can get the chance to recover, the person who is attacking the camp from within, sets her and another camper on fire.

Rick is also afraid that the pigs may be spreading this flu like disease. In order to save the fence, he uses the pigs as bait to get the walkers away. In the end, the fence is leveled out by some well placed poles and we hope they hold.

Now the questions start of who is setting rats against the fence, and who burned the bodies? It’s the time for people to get paranoid and start to wonder who is the evil one on the inside. Oh so many questions and oh so many suspects.

All in part of the fun…


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