New Chances

When I began writing on here I thought it would just be a way to share my feelings and post some reviews on things I watched. I never really thought of taking it to another level but sometimes opportunities appear along the way. And to share my journey of trying to become published. I’m still currently and will continue to work on.

I do have good news!

Last week I saw a posting on Facebook for Entertainment Weekly magazine. They are looking for some new writers to post reviews and basically join the team. Curiously I followed the link and signed up. What have I got to loose right?

Well I received a reply e-mail asking to list some of the shows I would be willing to review and to kinda see what my taste were. I take this as a step in the right direction. I filled out all of the necessary information they were looking for and now I wait.

Hopefully this works out. It’s a step in the right direction and it would be pretty awesome to see my name printed like that. I’ll keep you updated.


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