Too Far Gone (and a little bloody) – The Walking Dead Mid-Season Finale – TV Show Review

To start with, I want to first say I am a huge fan of The Walking Dead. That being said, I want to make this clear that I am not going to review everything that has happened from the start of the show or even this season. I hope that you are watching like me and it’s not necessary. After all, it’s a show definitely not to miss.

Please take a minute……


Review postings include reviews on TV shows, books, music and movies. Reviews are simply, that reviews. I include information from each section and thus this information may or may not contain spoilers. Please take the warning now, if you don’t wish to see or read any SPOILERS, do not continue reading. If you do continue to reading, disregarding this warning, please don’t blame me if something is ruined for you. I did warn you after all. Also, review postings are my opinion and I stand by them. We may not have the same opinion and thus lets not argue over it.


The mid-season finale of The Walking Dead if finally going to deliver the battle we were basically not given at the end of the third season. At which point you’re thought should be, about time. I am happy to see that it finally went down and that it was a little bloody along the way.

This is what went down.

The Governor has convinced his new group to attack the prison, through some white-lies (which he is so good at). He is able to do this my taking hostage Michonne and Hershel.

Hershel and Michonne are held in a trailer near the new camp the Governor has set up. He is actually taking care of them both. In this moment Hershel takes his chance and tries to reason with the Governor. Unfortunately through some well thought out craziness on the Governor’s part he states that peace between them isn’t possible.

“Nobody is gonna hurt ya.” – Governor

He states that even if there was a chance, he can’t forget what Rick and Michonnne did. They are going to attack regardless and those two are going to be the keys to getting in. Hershel tries one last time to get this all to stop by stating something The Governor supposedly values.

“If you understand what it’s like to have a daughter, then how can you threaten to kill someone else’s?” – Hershel

“‘Cause they aren’t mine,” – Governor

The Governor moves the camp he now runs to another area to protect those staying behind. Lilly begins to have doubts about the Governor and their entire relationship. He says good bye to the little girl Megan who is making mud-pies/peanut butter sandwiches.

The for the past two episodes we have been catching up with The Governor and what he has been doing. Now we jump back to the prison that is still recovering from the “flu” outbreak. And all of whom were saved because of Hershel. Glenn still seems to be in rough shape, same as a few of the others. Glenn and Maggie joke about their anniversary which apparently is the moment they had sex in the pharmacy in season 2.

And shockingly enough Rick finally tells Daryl about Carol. At which point, wow this has been a long time coming because I would think by now he would know but since we’ve been taking some time on The Governor we weren’t exactly given a chance to see that happen. Anyway, Rick tells Daryl he left Carol with a car full of gas and supplies to last her a while.

“She said it was for us. She wasn’t sorry,” – Rick

Rick believes truly that Carol will survive but he couldn’t run the risk of her doing something at the camp again. He also didn’t think it would be a good idea to tell everyone. Tyreese wouldn’t have hanlded it well. Daryl still believes that Carol is good but he is thinking about the two girls she took in, Lizzie and Mika. They go in search of Tyreese who is in the basement of the prison. He has found something really weird, someone has dissected a squirrel in the hall on the wall. And Tyreese believes that the person who did this also killed his girlfriend Karen.

Suddenly a loud explosion sounds and even the prison shakes. They head up to see what happened and guess what, The Governor has arrived with his new crew and a tank.


He wants to talk to Rick and state his terms. Rick tells him that they have a council now that he doesn’t make the decisions on his own and that he doesn’t want to come down to the fence. The Governor brings out Michonne and Hershel who  are put down in front of everyone like they are going to have their heads blown off.

“Come down here and let’s have that talk.” – Governor

Rick looks to the others about what to do and especially Daryl. They seem to silently agree that he needs to go. Rick hands over some of his stuff except the gun at his hip. He walks down the field like it’s an old western.


The Governor basically tells Rick that he is there for the prison and they are basically gonna take it by force if necessary. The Governor however is willing to let Rick and the others leave in a given time. They have one hour because shots start to fire.  Rick tries to explain that people are still recovering from a sickness and that they have small children.

Meanwhile back up at the gate Daryl slowly moves the bin containing the gun out of the the line of sight. He starts to pass them out to everyone. It’s time to get locked and loaded people. He also tells Sasha and Tyreese to gather up all of the kids and others who can’t fight and put them on the bus. They need to be able to leave as quickly as possible if things take a turn (which we all know they will).  Meanwhile Carl is getting some ideas in his head about killing The Governor before the talks are finished but Daryl calmly tells him he needs to let Rick handle it.

Heading back to The Governor now supposedly safe camp near the water, we see Lilly watching a walker fall into the river and get swept away. Megan meanwhile is still making her peanut butter sandwiches out of mud. She finds a sign that says “Flash Flood Area”. This should be a sign that something is going to go wrong if you didn’t already know it. Suddenly a walker pops up out of the mud and attacks Megan. Lilly kills the walker and Megan dies from blood loss.

Back to the prison, the deals are starting to  take a turn for the worse. Rick basically tells The Governor that they aren’t leaving. The Governor isn’t happy about this and grabs Michonne’s sword from one of the cars. He holds it to Hershel’s neck.


In this moment if it wasn’t obvious already that he was probably going to die, you know that it’s going too. The Governor doesn’t care about anyone except himself. That much as always been clear and even when you think he’s been redeemed he shows you that isn’t possible.

In a last attempt to reason with him, Rick says that they can survive at the prison together. They have other empty cell blocks available and that they would never have to see each other.

“We’re not too far gone. I know we all could change.” – Rick

In a single word all hell breaks loose. The Governor replies with “LIAR” and swings the sword down onto Hershel’s neck. Rick screams out and starts shooting his gun and the others start to follow. Maggie and Beth are freaking out and crying (true daughter love) and here comes the battle. Lilly shows up with Megan who has just died and The Governor shoots Megan in the head without a second thought.

Beth makes a move to get everyone on the bus included Judith who is in a car seat. When she sees that none of the kids are on the bus she goes in search of them while there is massive gun fire going on. Many people are hit and of course the walkers start to show because of all of the noise. The tank basically takes out the fence and start firing at the prison.

I just want to take a minute here to say The Governor wanted a safe place for his people but he basically just destroyed it by taking out the fence. The fence keeps the walkers out but he just destroyed that. That is basically my main throughout the entire battle. He just destroyed the safe place he wanted.

Back to the episode, the firing is starting to catch up with people. Rick has been hit in the leg and a few people are dead on both sides. The Governor moves into the prison field and Rick tackles him to the ground. A fist fight breaks out between these two. Maggie makes a move to get onto the bus but when she sees that Beth isn’t there she runs in search of her leaving Glenn on the bus.

Meanwhile the walkers are coming in fast and moving in behind the people shooting at each other. Daryl has a close call with a walker and you are left to believe for about 20 seconds that he may have gottan bit. At which point, we riot if this is the case because you don’t kill that man EVER. Daryl ends up using the walker that got a little too close as a walker shield for the bullets flying at him. He makes a move with a grenade and tosses it into the cannon barrel of the tank. One guy jumps out of the tank just in time for it to explode and end the most deadly part of the battle. He them kills the guy who came out of the tank.

Tyreese is in some serious trouble. He is trying to keep some of the heat off of those who are still sick fighting. Alisha who is the girlfriend of Tara is getting some pretty close shots in and it looks like he might end up dead. But Lizzie who was taught very well by Carol to defend herself in any situation shows up and shoots her right between the eyes and then runs off. The bus takes off not too long after this, leaving people behind.

The battle between Rick and The Governor seems to be well matched. Both are getting some good licks into each other but suddenly Rick starts to loose. The Governor starts to choke Rick and just when you think this might be the end of Rick, Michonne finally gets her justice. She stabs The Governor through the stomach. Rick gets up to search for Carl and Michonne takes off to help anyone else who needs it. The Governor is left to slowly die in the field.

The group at the prison is all separated and you begin to hope that they have some sort of plan. I mean a group this organized should have an exit plan right? Time will tell if this happens but we are left wondering who is still around and where the hell are people going.

Rick finds Carl in time and they head off to search out what happened to Judith. They find the car seat you saw her in earlier covered in blood and no baby. They both believe her to be dead (and I hope so because the whole idea of her is nothing but annoying). Rick and Carl make their way out the prison and into the woods. Meanwhile Lilly shows up again standing in front of the Governor. She holds up her gun and shoots him dead and there goes the crazy man, finally.

“Don’t look back, Carl. Just keep walking.” – Rick

And because of all of the noise and destruction, a herd of walkers is moving towards the prison. And if you remember a woman from earlier in the season, she was turned into a walker and is seen moving with the group in the field of the prison (nice little bonus to see). The End, at least for the mid-season finale.

Now it’s time to ponder the questions of what is going on.

1. What happened to Beth?

2. What happened to Lizzie and the rest of the kids (including Judith)?

3. Who is gonna make it now that the group is scattered?

4. Will Rick die from his leg wound?

5. Do they have a place to meet up at, that so called if it goes south plan?

Overall the episode was exactly what you expected it to be. The battle and the blood. The death of some of the characters and that things were going to start where they did before. They have to search for each other again. I wouldn’t say anything was too surprising, although I have been reading a lot of people were shocked at Hershel’s execution. All of the clues have been there folks, you just had to pay attention. My rating for the episode is a 7 out of 10 stars. I was expecting some sort of shocking death (something out of left field) but sadly that didn’t happen.

The Walking Dead returns  Sunday 2/9/14 at 9pm. For those of you who keep up with me on Twitter, I will see you for the show then.

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