Merlin Season 3 – Episode 1 and Episode 2 – TV Show Review

First I want to start by saying HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE! I hope you had a good one and were safe out there. That being said, it’s time to start out things right. I posted before about beginning a new way of doing entire season reviews. I am starting with Merlin Season 3. Breaking this down episode by episode through out the entire season. Lets get this start shall we?

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Also if you want to get caught up on Season 1 and Season 2 of Merlin, please read my post: Season 1 and Season 2

ImageMerlin Season 3, Episode 1 – “The Tears of Uther Pendragon” Part 1

We begin this season with Arthur (played by Bradley James, Fast Girls and Inspector Lewis) and his knights coming across a battle field where several knights have died. It has been a year since Morgana (played by Katie McGrath,The Queen and Dracula) went missing and Uther (played by Anthony Head, Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters) isn’t giving up his search for her. Arthur, along with his knights and Merlin (played by Colin Morgan, Doctor Who and Parked) follow the trail of the battle field into a near by forest. After entering the woods they come across a group of bandits and a battle begins. Once again Merlin uses his magic to protect and help Arthur. The battle is finished, the knights and Arthur victorious when a figure comes out of hiding. It is Morgana, badly in need of sleep and a bath.

They return home and Morgana is put to bed to rest. She is deemed fine by Gaius (played by Richard Wilson, New Tricks and Gnomeo and Juliet) and they are happy to have her back, except Merlin. He is afraid of what Morgana is going to tell Uther, about his attempt to poison her. Morgana tells Merlin she isn’t going to tell anyone and says she would’ve done the same thing. She reunites with Uther and all seems to be happy except Morgana isn’t as innocent as she appears. Later that night she sneaks out of Camelot into the forest to meet her sister, Morgause (played by Emilia Fox, The Pianist and Cashback). The two sisters plan to curse Uther with mandrake root which will cause him to lose his mind.

There is feast being held in honor of Morgana returning. Uther leaves alone to return to his rooms when he sees his dead wife in the well. He begins to slowly lose his mind because of the mandrake root placed under his bed. Meanwhile, Morgause goes to request help from King Segric in order to attack Camelot. Uther, back in Camelot, has begun to have more episodes this time in front of his council. Merlin goes to check on Uther, per Gaius’ request and finds the mandrake root under Uther’s bed. Before he can remove it, Morgana returns and pulls the root free, unaware Merlin is in the room (he’s hiding under the bed).

Merlin follows Morgana into the woods and is caught listening to her conversation with Morgause. They time him in chains and he is left to die. Meanwhile, Arthur is left to take control of the kingdom while his father is ill. The follow morning Merlin is still in the woods and he is about to be attacked by a giant Scorpion. He begins to casts spells to break the chains but they only tighten around him with each spell. He turns his attention to the scorpion and uses a spell to send it back, unfortunately he is a little too late and he is stung by it. Merlin is left with no other option except to die or find another way to get the Scorpion away. He uses his magic to call the Dragon (voiced by John Hurt, Immortals and Look Again) and with it’s fire, the Scorpion is scared away. Merlin is carried away by the dragon.

Overall it’s a good beginning to the new season. You see a small time jump but nothing really seems to have changed. The characters are still the same, even with Morgana changing sides. Merlin is still using his magic and somehow no one is seeing it. I give this episode a 8 out of 10 stars.


Merlin Season 3 – Episode 2 – “The Tears of Uther Pendragon” Part 2

We pick up right where we left off. Merlin awakens after the dragon has carried him away. The dragon has been watching him and the Scorpions poison is gone from his body. Merlin tells the dragon he needs to return to Camelot and stop Morgana from hurting Uther anymore than she already has. The dragon warns Merlin that his fate and Morgana’s are tied together. But the dragon returns Merlin to Camelot.

“She is the darkness to your light.” – The Dragan

Back in Camelot Arthur has been looking for Merlin everywhere but can’t seem to find him. Morgana sneaks back into Uther’s room with a new mandrake root and places it’s under his bed. Uther is still losing his mind. Merlin returns to Camelot and tells Gaius everything he has seen and they go to check on Uther. Uther is shaking on the floor and muttering to himself. Merlin grabs the mandrake root and throw it into the fire. Merlin returns to work for Arthur who is clearly upset about him taking off. Morgana returns to take the mandrake root out and is caught by Gaius. She quickly covers herself by saying she is missing an earring. When Morgana crosses paths with Merlin again, she threatens him with revealing the truth. The army, lead by Morgause and King Sedgric are heading to Camelot, quickly. Arthur and his knights begin to lock the city up and Merlin offers to help in anyway he can.

“Merlin, what exactly are you going to do?” – Arthur Pendragon

Later that night, as citizens begin to pour into the city, Gwen goes to visit Arthur (attraction between these two still strong). She is worried but believes that Arthur will stand strong against the army. Morgana once again is able to sneak out of the Camelot to meet her sister and that is where she is give a staff. It is from the Isle of the Blessed and she must use it when the time is right.

“I will not fail you.” – Morgana

Uther meanwhile is still passed out and recovering from his curse. Arthur must do this alone and it’s time for the battle to begin. As the knights are fighting, Uther awakens to the sounds of battle and quickly dressed to help. He runs out and joins the fight. Gaius is working in the hospital that is set up and keeping an eye on Morgana too. As soldiers begin to flock into the hospital, Morgana is able to sneak out but Gaius sees her. Gaius follows Morgana but she is able to hide and get away. The arrow that struck Uther in the leg is removed and Arthur must return to fight. Morgana, meanwhile empowers the staff and places it into the tombs of the dead soldiers, who awaken as skeleton’s who can’t be killed.

Merlin learns that Morgana has taken off from Gaius and goes to search for her. He finds her in the tomb and he tries to reason with her, hoping to find the old Morgana inside. Morgana shares her new view on Uther and all he stands for and they begin to fight. Morgana is clearly better with a sword but in the end, Merlin is able to use his magic to get the best of her. He destroys the staff just as the skeletons are starting to take down the Knights of Camelot. They fall to pieces and the battle then turns in favor of Camelot and King Sedgric pulls back his army and they flee and the battle is over with.

The council has a meeting the follow morning, led by Uther who is know fully recovered. It is revealed that Morgana is the one who destroyed the staff and she is rewarded with help winning the battle. Merlin and Gaius return to their rooms and eat. Gaius is worried for Merlin and about Morgana but Merlin isn’t.

“No, all I feel for her is sad. She has become bitter, so full of hate.” – Merlin

Over all this is a good ending to a two part opening of the season. We were given a battle and shown some new tricks by Morgana who’s powers are still growing. Morgana has also made it clear to Merlin who side she is really on and that leave Merlin in a tough position. Gaius and Merlin however are the only two who know the truth about her. I give this episode 8 out 10 stars.


Check back for episodes 3 and 4.


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