It’s Like Looking a Mirror – Pretty Little Liars Winter Premiere – TV Show Review

It’s back! Yes ladies and gentlemen Pretty Little Liars returned for it’s second half of the season tonight. And keeping in true tradition of one of my favorite shows, I was pinned to the couch watching. Well maybe not exactly pinned but I wasn’t missing it. And I got to get a little review and check out some of my theories with the “catch-up” marathon they had going all day.

I also want to start by saying I am not going to include the “played by” parts in this post. If you watch the show, you should know this and if not, start Googling.


Before I can begin, please take a moment to read this:

Review postings include reviews on TV shows, books, music and movies. Reviews are simply, that reviews. I include information from each section and thus this information may or may not contain spoilers. Please take the warning now, if you don’t wish to see or read any SPOILERS, do not continue reading. If you do continue to reading, disregarding this warning, please don’t blame me if something is ruined for you. I did warn you after all. Also, review postings are my opinion and I stand by them. We may not have the same opinion and thus lets not argue over it.



To start this, I want to first say that the Halloween Special for the filler gab between the half parts of the season was a waste. Honestly the girls just wandered around the entire episode and the only thing you were given was that Alison was alive. Okay duh, we knew that already and confirming it by her talking to the girls wasn’t necessary nor should it have been shocking to people (even though it was).

Anyway back to the episode. It begins the same night the Winter Premiere ended (clearly shot at the same time). The girls are in Spencer’s bedroom and they are discussing the appearance of Alison. All of them seem clearly shaken and Spencer is just staring out the window. They want to get answers from Alison, firstly beginning with why if she was alive, why has she been hiding? And why didn’t she try to let them know she was alive? They are also trying to deal with their own personal feelings on the situation.

“We just found out that Ali is alive, she’s really alive. Why am I not insanely happy?” – Aria

The lines of trust has definitely been broken, if it wasn’t already before. And then be go with a time jump. Of course it’s only been a “week” since they came back from Ravenswood but the girls definitely got some hair changes (clearly by Ashley Benson aka Hanna). However, this little time span has left the girls without anymore words from Alison or “A”. Not normal that is for sure. But the girls are going to visit the spot where Alison is buried. They all agree it’s not her in there and that well, they want to know who is. Hanna is the one who comes up with the easiest and well makes you wonder why none of them have done this before.

“It still means a girl went missing somewhere, right around the same time Alison did.” – Hanna

Hanna agrees to be the one to do some searching and to see what she comes up. The girls also send Emily off to talk to Jessica, Alison’s Mom about how they can a hold of Jason. They want him to know that his sister is alive and if he knew the whole time. They also point out that no one has talked to or seen him since he left (clearly because he’s on another show on a different network, at the last the actor is). Spencer, Emily and Aria head out back to school without Hanna. There we have a small series of reunions between couples. The first is Toby and Spencer.


Toby has been off getting answers, this time without the help of “A”. Which I have to say, about time. “A” has only given answers when it has benefited them. Aria’s boyfriend Jake is out of town at a match and wont be back for a while. Emily and Paige reunite over the latest swim meet. Meanwhile Hanna is at home searching before heading to school any other missing girls around the time Alison went missing. She finds a few but only one stands out, Sara Harvey. She is around the same age as Alison, and even looks like her. This could be the girl who is buried where Alison should be.

ImageHanna’s Mom comes in on the phone, clearly upset. She argues and then hangs up. Ashley reveals that she is having trouble finding a job since she was thrown in jail. That isn’t too surprising given that her name was blasted all over the news. She isn’t going to give up hope and Hanna heads off to school. At school Hanna runs into Mona, who has been looking for her.

“Hello stranger.” – Mona

She tells Hanna she was hoping they could reconnect, especially after she went and confessed for her. Hanna tells her that she isn’t sure what her motivation was and makes it clear their friendship isn’t going to be different, at least not quite yet. We jump to all of the girls in class, Ezra’s class to be exact. They are starting a new book, Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. As the girls leave, Ezra calls back Aria to have a discussion with her. He tells her that he is sorry for putting her in the position that he did and that he knows he has used up a lot of chance but he wants another one. Aria isn’t sure but she isn’t walking away either.

The girls meanwhile go into the computer lab, to see the girl that Hanna has found. Hanna tells Emily and Spencer she has e-mailed the friends of Sara Harvey and hopes to get a response. Spencer says Hanna is doing a good job and they need to learn more about why or how Sara went missing. Just then the protector in the rooms starts to run and it’s playing an old movie. In this movie there is a message from “A”. I only caught the last half of the message but it says:

“Whoever finds her gets to keep her.” – A

And the video continues. The girls believe they just got dared by “A” and they most certainly did. It’s a race against the clock for who can find or draw out Alison first. Back at Spencer’s house, Toby is sharing all of the information he found about his Mom. He looked at the visitor log and found some people who works at Radley at the same time his mom was there. They told him they knew she didn’t kill herself but didn’t go on record in fear of losing their jobs and pensions. Spencer’s Dad arrives a little later and Spencer asks him if he has anyway of getting a hold of Jason. He says he doesn’t but he will find a way if Spencer agrees to stay away from Jessica.

We follow up with the other three girls the next day at the coffee shop in town, where Emily is working. Hanna tells them she set up a meeting with a couple of Sara’s friends and wants Aria and Emily to join her. Emily is not in a good mood and makes it plain she doesn’t like the idea and Aria isn’t quite sold on it either. In the end however, Emily agrees to go with Hanna. And then Hanna is reunited with Caleb who has been off in Ravenswood (longer than a week in that show but I don’t watch it for a reason). She is of course happy to see him but he is being very vague in his answers to her about Ravenswood and everything he has been doing. One thing that is made clear is that the “A” lair in Ravenswood was emptied out the following day and it’s been that way ever since.

The meeting with Hanna, Emily, and two of Sara’s friends begins and it’s like looking in a mirror with these two girls. They are saying and feeling the same things that the girls went through with Alison. The emotions and the need for answers is clear, as are the personality similarities between Sara and Alison. Sara sounds exactly like Alison and while that is the point of the entire thing, it is way odd that the girls keep talking to them. They are little talking to their past selves.

Meanwhile Spencer and Toby decide they want answers from the company that owns Radley. The problem is getting anyone to talk to you and Spencer shows that she grew up with two lawyer parents when she says they just need to make it clear they have information and they know how to leak it to the press. Hanna returns home to find her mom talking to Jessica, she has just been given a job working with Jessica at her Real Estate office in town. Jessica tells Hanna she got the idea from Alison, in her dreams. And this is where anyone would be completely freaked and tell the woman she needs some serious help. It’s just plain creepy.

However, Spencer and Toby aren’t the only ones doing some digging, Mona is up to her old tricks again. Not that she ever really stopped but that’s a whole other story. Mona finds Ezra on the street and begins to praise Ezra for all of his teachings and the amazing reading list he gives the students. She makes it clear in her Mona way that she knows he is Ezra and these two begin to battle right there at the table. Ezra says he knows a lot about people in town and how to get them to do the things necessary for not only him but others as well.

“Fear is the number one motivator.” – Ezra

They leave each other in a weird way, clearly the battling lines have been drawn and it’s only a matter of time before only one “A” is left standing. And when Mona leaves, I think she may even be a little scared of what is about to happen. Only time will tell I guess. Spencer and Toby find the woman they need to talk to at the company who owns Radley and show her some of the evidence they have. She asks what they want and Toby says simply:

“I want people to know my Mother didn’t kill herself.” – Toby

They don’t have enough evidence to prove it but Spencer catches her on this moment and makes it plain they just need to get it online and into the press and they can do the work for them. In the end, Toby receives an official document saying that his mother didn’t kill himself and that they made a mistake that is going to have further investigation on the companies part. Spencer’s Dad seems to take this as a chance to possibly shut down Radley once and for all.

Meanwhile Aria is taking off in a car with Ezra, to who knows where. Emily is at work closing the coffee shop when one of Sara’s friends, Claire, returns to talk more to her. Claire tells Emily that even though she misses Sara, she is happy that she is gone. It makes her feel horrible for thinking and feeling it but Sara wasn’t the nicest person and she made the girls lives miserable. Sounds familiar right? We’re back to the mirror thing again. Claire tells Emily that the other friend Avery who was supposed to come with them couldn’t because she is highly medication. Most of the time Avery can’t even get out of bed. She was the last person to see Sara alive, the day after Alison’s body was found.

We finally learn where Aria went too. She has been taken to a cabin in the woods and I mean literally a cabin. There is no cell service or internet and it’s a great hide away (for more than one reason with Ezra). Aria and Ezra get cozy and Aria forgets all about her boyfriend Jake and sleeps with Ezra, near a bed that has a trap door to a basement in the floor. And the final moment of couples, Hanna and Caleb get into a big fight before he heads back to Ravenswood. It’s left you feeling that they are close to being broken up but still want to fight for the relationship. Either way it doesn’t look good for these two.


Overall, not really a truly revealing premiere episode. Things still seem to smoothly sailing and we aren’t quite ready to start to shake up not only the girls lives but Rosewood as well. These all seem to be just filler episodes until we get more towards the end of the season. The part that just bothers me with all of this is that they girls still aren’t getting to the root of what matters or what they should be asking. Do you really want to trust Alison after all of this time? I mean come on she was supposed to be dead and now she’s not? And this is a total “A” thing to do, give you something in order to cause more trouble. It’s just not coming from Mona or Ezra this time. And remember that Mona has made it clear she was working for someone, she just didn’t know who it was. Well maybe it’s Alison? Or so they want you to think.

I’m not completely sold on what this show is attempting to do. I think it’s becoming clear they are dragging out story lines and trying to make the show run longer without keeping the true value of the show alive. Also this whole “Tie in” with Ravenswood thing is pretty damn stupid. I personally do not like the idea or the point of Ravenswood. That is just something I will have to deal with I guess.

I give this episode a 6 out of 10 stars. Nothing was really given a reveal and the only thing that was interesting about it was the Ezra and Mona beginning battle moment. Hopefully the show picks up some speed, because I’m starting to get bored.


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