Episodes 3 and 4 – Merlin Season 3 – TV Show Review

I completed another set of episodes so I’m ready to review a few more. Same goes for these two, same set-up and it’s only two episodes again. Keeping them this way throughout the entire thing too, it’s a nice little chunk.

Also before I begin. I was able to catch a few preview of the season 4 premiere episode of Shameless before it comes out on Sunday, January 12th. That being said, I am ready to review it but I want to give everyone a chance to at least watch it. You will see my review posted on Monday. I will not be including who plays each character, if you want to know this, please check out IMDB.


Lets begin by taking a minute to read this:

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If you missed the previous post for Merlin Season 3 and want to get caught up, please click HERE to read about episode 1 and episode 2.


Merlin Season 3, Episode 3: “Goblin’s Gold”

We start this episode simply with Merlin being sent on an errand for Gaius. He needs to pick up a book from the Royal Library. The book, after Merlin figures out where it is in the unorganized mess, is the on the top shelf. Merlin has no choice but to climb the bookshelf and this is where he finds a secret lever to a secret room. The room has clearly been forgotten by whomever had it made. Inside is a lot of unless junk but some old magic books too. While Merlin is exploring this room, he hears a voice coming from inside a container. Inside of the container is a Goblin, that Merlin accidentally sets free.

“Boo!” – Goblin

The Goblin is of course happy to be set free and instantly starts to cause problems for Merlin. Merlin tries to get him back into the container but the Goblin escapes and leaves a messy trail in the direction that he goes. Merlin follows this clear path to the Goblin who is in Morgona’s room. The room is a complete mess because the Goblin is looking for the gold in Morgona’s jewelry. Merlin once again tries to stop it but the Goblin escapes out the window. Merlin quickly tries to clean up the mess but Gwen catches him.

Merlin returns to his rooms and tells Gaius about the Goblin. At the time however, Merlin doesn’t know it’s a Goblin and Gaius has to tell him about what the Goblin is and what is it looking for. Arthur comes in search of Gaius and Merlin on a delicate matter. He warns them that the issue is serious and requires the complete silence of the two. They go to Uther’s room to discover that Uther is completely bald. Gaius and Merlin return to their rooms and decide to form a plan to catch the Goblin before it can cause anymore harm. They set a trap to catch it using the gold coins from Arthur’s room that Merlin had to steal.

The trap works and the Goblin is almost caught by Merlin except it can change into a little ball of yellow light and float away. This is a serious problem because it becomes almost impossible to catch. Unfortunately it becomes a bigger issue when Gaius accidentally swallows the Goblin and now the the Goblin is possessing Gaius. Merlin doesn’t know that the Goblin is in Gaius until he tells Merlin he is going to the tavern, something the real Gaius would never do. Gaius has a hangover the next morning and he sends Merlin out to the market to get food. While Merlin is out, Morgona comes to Gaius in need of a sleeping potion. The Goblin informs Morgona that he knows of her evil plans and that she will fail in them. In the end, after Morgona gets a little flustered, she is given the potion.


The Goblin in Gaius soon realizes he can get gold from the people he is treating. For that is the one thing a Goblin wants, gold. Gaius is telling people about a horrible sickness and a quick cure he has. Gwen is caught up in this as well and even though she thinks it’s odd that Gaius wants money for the coin, she gives it to him anyway. Gaius returns to the castle to treat the bald head that Uther now has. He begins to slap and tap on the top of Uther’s head in order to make the hair grow back. Merlin begins to see that Gaius is acting differently and realizes that the Goblin is inside of him.

A council meeting is called to discuss the changes and information around Camelot and suddenly people begin to fart. Those of whom are farting, starting with Gwen, were all given the “Cure” by Gaius. Merlin and Gaius return to their rooms and Merlin threatens the Goblin if he doesn’t leave him that minute.

“I can hurt you, where as you can’t hurt me without hurting Gaius.” – Goblin

Gaius/Goblin leaves then when Merlin can’t think of a way to get the Goblin out without hurting Gaius. He returns to the secret room and grabs one of the magic books there and takes it with him. Merlin is then arrested when he is talking to Gwen. He is brought before Uther, Arthur and the Knights of Camelot for practicing magic. Merlin tries to explain that the book isn’t his, but was put in his room by the Goblin that is inside Gaius. Naturally no one believes Merlin and he is sent to the dungeon. Later that night that Goblin almost gets in a bar fight with a Knight of Camelot but quickly settles the matter to avoid suspicion. Meanwhile Merlin is using his magic to get the keys from the guard who is sleeping, he escapes but the warning bell is quickly sounded and Merlin is forced to hide at Gwen’s. The Knights of Camelot begin their search for Merlin and Merlin asks Gwen to talk to Arthur, she can’t. She is embarrassed to face him after what happened at the meeting. In the end, she agrees to help Merlin.

Arthur invites Gaius to his room for a drink and thanks him for outing Merlin. The Goblin messes up here because the real Gaius wouldn’t want to celebrate and Arthur room realizes that Merlin was telling the truth. However the Goblin uses magic on Arthur and when Gwen shows up to talk to him, he has donkey ears and the voice of a donkey as well. Gwen returns to tell Merlin that Arthur figured it out and what happened to him.

“It isn’t funny Merlin, stop making me laugh.” – Gwen as she continues to laugh

Merlin is able to get back into the Castle and he is left with no choice but to make Gaius die in order to make the Goblin leave his body. He finds a poison and gives the antidote to Gwen to hold because he is going to try and catch the Goblin when it escapes Gaius’ body. There is a struggle once Gaius takes the poison, but soon passes out. During the struggle however and Gwen drops the antidote. Merlin quickly puts the Goblin in the lead lined container it came from and helps Gwen search for the antidote. They find it and give it to Gaius just in time (oh isn’t that the way of it?) and the real Gaius awakens.

Gaius tells Uther all about the Goblin and that Merlin was completely innocent. Merlin is pardoned by Uther and Arthur puts the container is the vaults of Camelot so no one can let the Goblin back out.

Overall I’d give this episode a 8 out 10 stars. It is very funny to see all of the little pranks that the Goblin is doing while inside of Gaius the one person people trust beyond anything else. And it is also nice to see that while Gwen is horribly embarrassed by what happened, Arthur is equally embarrassed too and they both agree never to speak of it again. However, they seemed to have bonded a bit more over this too.

Merlin Season 3, Episode 4: “Gwaine”

Everything seems to have calmed down after the last episode. Merlin and Arthur happen upon a small village when they finish hunting. Arthur wants to visit with the people as a normal person and see if they are happy with how things are being run. Merlin and Arthur make the decision to have a quick drink at the local tavern. After the bar maid delivers their drinks, a man enters the bar and everyone seems to hush. The man wants his share of the profit from the bar and demands his payment now. The bar maid can’t make the full amount and when it seems like the man is going to attack her, Arthur steps up to stop him. The man quickly turns to attack Arthur and a tavern brawl begins. A man steps up to help Merlin, introduces himself as Gwaine and then turns to help Arthur who has just been cornered. Unfortunately while he is helping Arthur, he is stabbed in the leg. Before leaving for Camelot, Arthur tells the town peoples that they need only contact him and he will send help to them if any other problems should come up. Merlin and Arthur returns to Camelot with a passed out Gwaine. They bring him to Gaius to help heal the cut he has.

“The man saved my life Gaius.” – Arthur

Gaius works his healing ways and the following morning Gwaine awakes in a sore but good condition. The same day is when all of the Knights from other kingdoms begin to enter Camelot. Camelot is hosting it’s annual Melay. Meanwhile in the woods outside of Camelot, the man who attacked Arthur is the bar has just purchased two crystals that will turn him into anyone who’s blood he spills and they also purchase two curse swords that will cut through anything. He and his partner make quick work of two Knights who have set up camp and they put on the crystals and turn into those Knights, at least on the outside that is. Back in Camelot Gwaine has decided to adventure around Camelot and while wondering the market, he meets Gwen and tries to get her affection but it doesn’t seem to be working.

“Not really but, I liked that you tried.” – Gwen

While Gwaine is out exploring Camelot, the two disguised Knights arrive in Camelot and Arthur introduces them to Merlin as Sir Oswald and Sir Ethan. Arthur tells the two to ask for Merlin if they need anything and they quickly take advantage of this and work Merlin to the bone. When Merlin returns home exhausted, Gaius informs him that Sir Oswald was never this way before and always treated people as equal. At the same time, Gwen comes to find Merlin because Gwaine has gottan himself into some trouble at the tavern. He is unable to pay the bills he earned and in order to help Merlin tells the owner to bill Arthur. What could go wrong right? Well Arthur gets the bill quickly and in order to punish Merlin and Gwaine, he makes them polish all of the boots from the Knights of Camelot.


While they are cleaning the boots, Gwaine tells Merlin that his father was a Knight for a King as well. Merlin thinks this is great and that he should try to be a Knight for Camelot. Gwaine isn’t thrilled at the idea and he wont be a Knight for a King who doesn’t deserve it. The following day, Arthur is practicing for the Melay and Sir Oswald asks him if he would want to do a quick duel. Arthur ends up winning the duel but there are a couple of close cuts.  Merlin returns to the Sir Oswald and Sir Ethan’s chamber to clean it and finds the two cursed swords. Sir Oswald and Sir Ethan walk in at the very moment and tell Merlin to leave them be and to basically disappear. Merlin heads straight to Gaius to tell him what he found and how the blades are meant to look dull but are the sharpest he has ever seen. Gwaine quickly tells Merlin he has heard of these swords and they are never used for anything good. The pair devise a plan to get the swords away from Sir Oswald and Sir Ethan.

Merlin returns to Sir Oswald’s chamber the same night and behinds his search for the swords. Merlin is about to find them when Sir Oswald rolls over in bed and the crystal hanging around his neck becomes visible. Merlin instantly knows it’s a magic crystal and is caught red-handed in the chamber. Sir Oswald is upset and just when Merlin is about to be struck, Gwaine arrives to help Merlin. A sword fight begins but the Knights of Camelot arrive to break it up and Gwaine is put in chains and brought before Uther.


Sir Oswald wants Gwaine sentenced to death but Arthur stands up for Gwaine and says he can’t do it. In the end Uther does listen to Arthur but he banishes Gwaine from Camelot and he must leave immediately. Merlin begs Gwaine to stay and to tell Uther about his father but Gwaine packs his things. When Gwaine is making is way out of the city, he runs into Gwen. There he finally sees why Gwen wouldn’t want to be with him, for she is in love with Arthur.

“Arthur is fair. He’s loyal. He’ll be a great King.” – Gwen

With Gwaine gone, Merlin is forced to once again help Arthur during the Melay. He decides he will have to use his magic and run the risk of someone catching him. The Melay begins  and Uther and Morgona (apparently we are forgetting about her plans to kill Uther and take over Camelot for the day) watch from the stands. Sir Oswald and Sir Ethan are using the cursed swords. Knights quickly behind to fall for once you are struck, you are done. Sir Oswald isn’t just knocking Knights out, he is slicing them with his cursed sword and he is making his way quickly to Arthur. Arthur and Sir Oswald begin an intense sword battle. Sir Ethan finishes off the last of the Knights and it’s two against one. The odds are not in favor of Arthur when suddenly another Knight enters the fight. He makes quick works of stopping Sir Oswald and Sir Ethan and Merlin knows instantly who the Knight is that is helping Arthur. Gwaine kills Sir Oswald and Sir Ethan and then reveals himself to everyone. Uther wants to have Gwaine arrested but once again Arthur tells him he can’t, especially when Gaius reveals that the two men aren’t actually who they are supposed to be.

“And once again, I ow Gwaine my life.” – Arthur tells Uther

With this being a very true statement, Uther tells the banishment still stands. Gwaine must leave Camelot. He tells Merlin that he would only be a Knight for Arthur and he hopes that one day that is happen. Gwaine tells Merlin goodbye and as he is leaving runs into Gwen. Arthur and Merlin are watching from the Castle and it becomes clear that Arthur is very jealous of the friendship Gwaine and Gwen share.

Overall the episode is pretty intense. There are some sword battles that are beautifully executed and even though people are stabbed and you don’t see any blood, it is clear the battle is tough. And of course there is Gwaine who is just a little sweetheart and a flirt. I give this episode 9 out of 10 stars.

Check back later for Episode 5 and Episode 6!!


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