Merlin Season 3 – Episodes 5 and 6 – TV Show Review

I have a done a few of these posts and I must say I feel like the individual posts for a set of episodes is a lot more fun for me. I am getting a chance to take a closer look at some of the shows and I am even catching a few things that I missed. Nothing of serious change just the little things that people are doing that are hilarious. A lot of this is in the background of the scene. Anyway lets get this next set of episodes going!


Review postings include reviews on TV shows, books, music and movies. Reviews are simply, that reviews. I include information from each section and thus this information may or may not contain spoilers. Please take the warning now, if you don’t wish to see or read any SPOILERS, do not continue reading. If you do continue to reading, disregarding this warning, please don’t blame me if something is ruined for you. I did warn you after all. Also, review postings are my opinion and I stand by them. We may not have the same opinion and thus lets not argue over it.


To catch up on Episode 3 and 4 please CLICK HERE!

Merlin Season 3 – Episode 5: “The Crystal Cave

As you may have already guessed it, Merlin and Arthur find themselves in trouble often. The beginning of this episode demonstrates that once again when the pair are being chased through the woods by a group of rebels. It seems that Arthur and Merlin have lost the other Knights of Camelot while they were running or merely that these two were out on their own. They seem to escape into a place of magic called The Valley of Fallen Kings. The pair believes they are safe from harm there and relax, unfortunately that isn’t the case and Arthur is shot with an arrow in the back. Merlin is forced to find a quick hiding place since Arthur has passed out.

Once the group of rebels have moved on, Merlin removes the arrow from Arthur’s back and builds a small fire. Merlin begins to use magic to heal the wound on Arthur’s back but he can’t find the right spell. Suddenly out of one of the paths, a man appears to give Merlin assistance with the wound. He casts a quick spell and tells Merlin he will sleep for a few hours and when he awakes, he will be healed. Merlin is curious about why the man has appeared and follows him to a part farther in the valley. There in the cave full of crystals, we learn his name is Taliesin and he has been watching over the cave for a long time.

“This is where magic began.” – Taliesin

Merlin is in awe of the beauty he sees but when he ventures farther into the cave, he begins to see images in the crystals. They are unfocused and quickly fade. He doesn’t like it but Taliesin tells him he needs to see what the crystals are forecasting for the futures. He needs to let them share their magic. Merlin isn’t happy about it but in the end looks into one of the crystals.

ImageThe crystals show the plans that Morgana has developed not only for Camelot but the death of Uther Pendgragon. Merlin is forced to see the hard truth that Morgana isn’t going to become the person she once was and he begins to fear what the crystals are showing him. Merlin leaves the cave and heads back to find Arthur, who is wide awake and feeling better than ever. Arthur and Merlin head back to Camelot where they tell Uther what they came across in the woods, at the same time it is Morgana’s birthday the following day. Later that night, Merlin tells Gaius what happened in the Valley of the Fallen Kings and the man he met and what the crystals predicted. Merlin tells Gaius he has to stop Morgana from fulfilling what he saw. The next morning Arthur informs Merlin that he is going to buy Morgana a dagger for her birthday, and this is the beginning of the events that Merlin saw in the crystals.

A few hours later Merlin returns to finishing his cleaning for Arthur and sees the dagger he is going to give to Morgana, it is completely different from the one he saw and he relaxes, even telling Arthur that the plain dagger probably wouldn’t her. Arthur isn’t pleased over the criticism for the dagger he picked. Later that day, the feast for Morgana’s birthday is held and she is given gifts by several people and when Arthur’s gift is presented, the dagger is different than the one he saw before. Arthur informs him that he was right, girls enjoy pretty things and the dagger is now shinning with stones. This is the dagger that Merlin saw in the crystals and the events are still happening.

“It’s started, it’s all coming true.” – Merlin tells Gaius after seeing the dagger

Morgana and Gwen are in her rooms later that night, preparing to go through the gifts she received and get her ready for bed. Morgana is given a gift from a distant king, a beautiful mirror. Morgana knows the name and tells Gwen she can finish up. When Gwen leaves the room, Morgana reveals the secret message on the mirror, left by Morgause.

ImageMorgana prepares to meet her sister but is unaware that Merlin has taken up spying on her, determined to stop the plans she has in store. Merlin is waiting by the stairs and when she goes to sneak out, he makes her trip on the stairs. She falls hard and knocks her head pretty hard (it’s painful to watch). Morgana is rushed to Gaius and Arthur tells him to heal her with what he can. When he leaves, Merlin tells Gaius that he made her trip, he couldn’t let her kill Uther. Gaius tells Merlin that the wound to her head is serious and she most likely will not recover. The grief around the castle is serious and Merlin is forced to watch all of his friends go through this. He even catches Arthur and Gwen in a lovers embrace. However, the grief is nothing compared to what Uther has. He has sat by Morgana’s bedside the entire time and when it appears she is going to die, Uther tells Gaius to do all that he can to heal her.

“There must be something in the old religion.” – Uther tells Gaius

There is nothing medically that Gaius can do but Uther makes it clear that even though he hates magic, he wants Gaius to use it to heal her. He will pretend not to know and he will never hold it against Gaius. When Gaius begins to ask why, Uther informs him of the secret he has been holding so close, that Morgana is in fact his daughter. He demands that Gaius not tell anyone and to do what he can, but Uther can’t lose Morgana. Uther leaves and Merlin, who was listening, comes in and they both finally understand why Uther would do basically anything for her. All of the pieces fall into place. Merlin is forced to make a choice, let Morgana die or heal her. He goes in search of help from the Dragon.

“To change the future is no simple matter.” – Dragon

The Dragon tells Merlin he needs to let Morgana die. This will make all of the evil that will unfold if he doesn’t stop. Merlin demands the cure but the Dragon refuses to share his knowledge, is it time for Uther to face some of his wrongdoings. However, Merlin is a dragon Lord and when he holds his power over the Dragon, the Dragon is forced to give up the information but he isn’t happy about it.

“The evil that will follow is upon your own doing.” – Dragon

Merlin returns and heals Morgana with the spell that the Dragon shared. Morgana awakes a few hours later, after Merlin tells Gaius what he did. Uther is waiting next to Morgana and he instantly thanks Gaius for all that he did and he will not let this act be forgotten. Morgana apparently knows the secret that Uther has held and when she presses him to announce the truth, Uther refuses to even mention it and this angers Morgana. Meanwhile, Morgause has been waiting for her sister and when she doesn’t show, she breaks into the castle and Morgana tells her of everything that has happened. Morgause tells Morgana she needs to strike Uther now and she slips back out of the castle. While the castle is searching for the person who broke in, Morgana returns to her rooms to get the dagger. Merlin catches her and when Morgana refuses to stop what she is doing, she throws Merlin against a wall with her magic (she still doesn’t have control of it). A small fire starts when she leaves the room, Merlin is passed out on the floor. Morgana makes her way to Uther’s room and just when she is about to stab him, Merlin blasts the window in his room and it throws Morgana back. Uther awakens and Morgana quickly covers for herself saying she was scared. A close call that is for sure. Merlin returns to his room and tells Gaius that he fears more is going to come. He was the one who started all of the events and now he needs to make sure Arthur is safe, Gaius agrees too and tells Merlin that Morgana knows the truth about who her father really is. Gaius fears she is now set more than ever to stop Uther’s power over Camelot.

“Arthur is all who stands between her and Camelot.” – Gaius

Overall the episode is pretty eventful. There is a lot of action shots and the crystal cave is beautifully presented. The crystal cave is also something to keep in your mind for later, at least that’s what the episode implies. I would give this episode 9 out of 10 stars. The struggle of what Merlin has to do is done correctly and I think we can all agree it’s a tough choice Merlin has to make.


Merlin Season 3 – Episode 6: “The Changeling”

We begin this episode a little differently than the others, meaning we have no character we know of yet seen. We are shown a baby in a room sleeping. A small blue fairy appears and casts a spell over her. There is a 20 year time jump and that same baby has now grown into a woman, Princess Elena, an awkward tom boy at best. She, her caretaker and her father – Lord Godwin – are heading to Camelot. They have been alleys for a long time and it is the hope of the father’s that their two children will united. Uther informs Arthur of this and Arthur isn’t happy about it. Arthur is confused and tells Gwen what his father wants him to do, she also isn’t happy about it. When Arthur returns to his room and tells Merlin that they really don’t know each other and probably have nothing in common. When Lord Godwin and Elena arrive, she is clearly not a lady. However, she does love horses.

ImageUther pushes Arthur to spend more time with Princess Elena and to basically court her. Meanwhile, the caretaker of Elena, Grunhilda, has slipped away into the woods to a small lake. There she calls to the blue fairies and is shown her true self, she is a Pixie. The marriage between Arthur and Elena has been planned by the pair and it can’t fall, even if the magic in Elena is starting to take over. Arthur, being the good son that he is, begins to court Elena and they bond over the loss of their mothers at birth. Arthur gives Elena a rose when they return to Camelot after a day of riding and they exchange an awkward hug (and I mean awkward). Later that night at dinner, Elena shows her horrible table manners and this is off putting to everyone. When she returns to her room with Grunhilda, she tells her that she wants to please Lord Godwin and make the marriage work. It appears these two have grown close, especially when Grunhilda gives Elena a frog to eat (it’s a live one by the way).


The following day, Merlin is off collecting herbs in the woods when he sees Grunhilda sneaking off. He follows her to the lake and sees that she is not what she appears. When Merlin returns to tell Gaius what he saw, Gaius tells him that he fears Grunhilda is a pixie, given that she has been attracted to him from the start, something pixies are known for. Gaius tells Merlin to keep an eye on Elena, for she could be a danger to Arthur and Uther. Gaius isn’t going to just let this go, he goes to search Elena’s chambers. He finds a bag of magic dust, that is used on Elena whenever the fairy magic becomes too much for her to handle. Grunhilda catches Gaius in the room and tries  to seduce him. Gaius makes it out of the room without having to do anything and he tells Merlin that he fears that Elena is a changeling. They both fear that the pair is planning for Arthur as well as Camelot.

There is a small problem when it comes to fairy magic, it is very old and Gaius knows nothing about it. Merlin and Gaius are forced to read through several books to know what to do about the changeling and how to get it out of Elena. They is a potion that needs to be taken by Elena, some of the ingredients are hard to find but Gaius is determined to succeed. Uther continues to push Arthur to marry Elena and Arthur is still not into the idea. When Arthur discusses his problem with Gwen, she proudly tells him he must do what he must for Camelot.

“I will watch you grown into the King that Camelot deserves.” – Gwen, unhappy about the marriage idea

In the end however, Arthur wants to please his father and proposes to Elena. Meanwhile, Merlin is getting sloppy and Grunhilda figures out that he knows that Elena is a changeling. The fairy and Grunhilda are force to take action against Merlin but Merlin kills the fairy with the magic staff he has hiding under his bed. In the process of killing the fairy, he knocks over the vial containing the cure for Elena. Gaius is forced to make another potion, he has just enough ingredients, this is also the same day the wedding is going to be taking place (it’s a quickie one right?). Merlin and Gaius are forced to lure Grunhilda to the dungeon to get her away from Elena. This requires Gaius to appear interested in her and the awkward flirting is definitely worth seeing. Merlin binds the metal gate with magic and they head to Elena who is getting dressed for the wedding. Grunhilda isn’t going to give up and breaks the magic on the gate and heads after the pair. Merlin holds Grunhilda off as Gaius is trying to get Elena to take the potion, saying it will calm her nerves. Merlin destroys Grunhilda and when he goes to see if Elena has taken the potion, he forces her to drink it. The fairy inside of Elena breaks free and Merlin destroys is before it can get away. Elena awakes right after and is amazingly different.

The marriage ceremony is about to begin and Arthur is more nervous than ever. He clearly doesn’t want to do this but he also wants to keep Camelot a happy kingdom. He asks Merlin if he would marry someone without loving them or even really knowing them.

“A person should marry for love, nothing else.” – Merlin replies with a small smile

The ceremony starts and Elena looks like a beautiful lady. She has completely become a different person and while she is more fit now to be a queen, in the end both Arthur and Elena agree they are only marrying out of duty. They feel nothing more towards each other except friendship.


Uther and Lord Godwin are unhappy about what is happening but in the end let the pair make the choice. When Princess Elena and Lord Godwin leave Camelot and everything seems to settle at the castle. Arthur goes in search of Gwen and wants to make it clear he will not marry anyone unless he loves them. There is a small moment between the two and the episode is done.

The episode seems to show you how marriage were done about two hundred years ago. I can’t imagine marry someone I barely know and I would’ve done what Arthur had done without a second thought. The episode is cheesy and seems to be a bit of a filler episode to something else that is going to happen. I give this episode 7 out 10 stars.


Check back for Episodes 7 and 8!


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