Another Semester

Oh college, you know just how to take anyway some of my precious free time. Yes that’s right, another semester of college has begun. I have a full course load this semester, and I will be graduating with my Associates Degree in Web Design at the end of this semester. I will have at least three degrees by the time I’m done (that’s after going to another college for my Bachelor’s). That being said, I have to make sure my grades stay up and they stay good, not that they ever aren’t but the focus is very well set.

I am still going to be doing my reviews and I am going to keep posting a couple a week. I have really put my focus into the reviews as well as my school homework. I know I am a bit behind on reviews (first week of college takes up a lot of time) but I am going to be posting a few reviews over the next couple of days.

As for my previous post about what to look for, I am still continuing with my TV Show reviews but as I am dividing it up between episodes it’s going to be a little longer on some of them to be completed. I am moving along with them though so please stay tuned.

As for this week, keep a look out for these reviews: Lone Survivor (Movie Review), Frozen (Movie Review) and Merlin episodes (TV Show Review).


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