Can you really trust Alison? – Pretty Little Liars – TV Show Review

Alright folks, lets get down to business here. I’m not really going to call this a review per say but more of an idea and theory of things happening on the second half of the season for Pretty Little Liars. I guess in a way you could say this all came about after tonight’s episode when Spencer made some excellent points. Either way, lets try to dig around in the world of Rosewood shall we?





As you have already know, Alison is alive. That being said, she’s also hiding from someone dangerous too her. You can assume this person is “A” but which “A” is it? I think it’s safe to assume we have multiple “A” running around Rosewood and causing trouble for Emily, Aria, Spencer and Hanna. The reason? Because who are crazy in Rosewood that’s why and everyone has their own agenda.

Here is what we do know so far, Ezra is on the “A” team. Mona has also gottan herself back into the “A” game and has basically confronted Ezra that she knows what he is up too. We know that Alison is alive and the girls are searching for her. We know now that Shawna was a childhood friend of Alison who is now helping her figure out who tried to kill her.

This is where things start to get fishy because I believe Mrs. Gingwald from Ravenswood (spelling on name is probably wrong) told the girls that Alison knew who had attacked her and was confused as to the why part. So why would Alison need to be hunting for the person who tried to kill her?

We know that Aria is starting to worry about her relationship with Ezra, especially after she breaks it off with Jake and things just don’t seem to be adding up. However in true Ezra form, he sweet talks his way into making Aria believe him even though we know otherwise. Jake is also attacked for revealing some information about Ezra (not really attacked but he is hurt by knives place in his boxing bag).

One of the things I love about this show is Spencer. She is able to find out information better than any of the other girls and she is always on the look out for more information. She has issues with her family but she always manages to stay a step ahead when it counts. When Emily tells her she is going to meet with Alison, Spencer quickly points out that it doesn’t make sense. All of it doesn’t add up as to why Alison doesn’t trust any of the others except Emily.

“This is ‘A’, not Ali.” – Spencer

Yes, this meeting does seem to be in typical “A” form of trying to get to one of the girls. Emily does go to the meeting and does get to talk to Alison. Spencer is hiding in back, listening to the pair talk it out. Spencer causes some noise and Alison books it out right out of there. Emily is instantly upset at not only Alison leaving but Spencer showing up and ruining her chance to talk to Alison. Spencer tries to tell Emily that Alison or “A” is trying to divide them up, make them think they can’t trust each other. And Emily is playing right into it.

I have to say, I agree with Spencer. Everything Alison has ever done has been a calculated move and she only makes a move if it benefits her. Alison has always been this way and I don’t see that ever changing. It’s one of the reasons why she let everyone believe she was dead rather than return home. Danger may be a possible outcome but this game seems to be a lot deeper than a simple life or death situation.

If you really think about it, if Alison has people working for her, shouldn’t she have already figured all of this mess out? Or is Alison using this to learn something else. So many more pieces seem to be developing long before we get answers to others.

This is one of the things I love about this show, even when it’s getting boring. Either way, next week things are going to get shaken up when the “A” game takes on a whole new level. See ya then!


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