Soooooooo, can be a dangerous word – That Awkward Moment – Movie Review

When it comes to movies, especially ones labeled “comedy”, I’m a huge fan of making sure I can get a group of my friends together. That being said, Friday 1-31-14 when That Awkward Moment came out, it was on our list of movies to see. A group of 10 of us went to see That Awkward Moment and I had hoped for more. So lets do this!


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That Awkward Moment is definitely the spin on what used to be known as Sex and the City. The spin exactly, we get to see things from the guys point of view, rather than the girls. This of course can be done either the right or wrong way and there’s a fine line between the two. That Awkward Moment is directed and written by Tom Gormican (Movie 43). Tom doesn’t have a lot of film credits,  being a new face to Hollywood but his movies seem to do a decent job when he is involved.

We begin a guy on a park bench, in the freezing cold for four hours, waiting on someone. But in order to know how he got on the bench, we have to know what led up to this freezing wait. Jump to Mikey (played by Michael B. Jordan, Parenthood and Red Tails) coming home from work to learn that his wife, Vera (played by Jessica Lucas, She’s the Man and Cloverfield), has been having an affair with her lawyer and she plans on divorcing Mikey. Needless to say he’s pretty hard broken and goes to see his friends right away and tell them. Jason (played by Zac Efron, High School Musical and Charlie St. Cloud) is shocked as well as Daniel (played by Miles Teller, 21 & Over and Project X) but they want to cheer up their friend so they tell him to come to the bar with them tonight. I just want to say that I am one of those people that notices goofs and this scene is where one of them takes place and the only one I’m going to point out too. This scene Jason keeps switching to different sides of the table without ever actually moving their, it’s a bit obvious that they filmed it with him on different sides of the table a few times over.


So we head out to the bar and we get to meet Daniel’s friend Chelsea (played by Mackenzie Davis, Breathe In and Smashed) who helps get woman for the guys. There is definitely some chemistry from the get-go that Daniel and Chelsea share an attraction to each other. Here is where we meet Ellie (played by Imogen Poots, 28 Weeks Later and Fright Night), the girl to change everything (because isn’t that the way). Ellie and Jason hit it off right away and go back to her place and hook-up. Jason notices that she has the “signs” of being a hooker and he is freaking out. He grabs his clothes and leaves, hoping to not see Ellie again or have to pay her.

“I think I just slept with a hooker.” – Jason

The following day Daniel and Jason are presenting a new book cover (because they design them) and the book they are presenting is one that is written by Ellie. A moment of panic and awkwardness falls over the meeting and when it’s over, Jason tells Ellie that he thought she was a hooker and says he’s sorry for leaving the way he did. He wants another chance but he’s gotta work for and Ellie certainly makes him work for it. However, the guys are trying to help Mikey and they make a pack to not get into a relationship until Mikey has found someone to move on from Vera with. He did meet someone in the bar, Sophie but she doesn’t want him to call her until he’s moved on. This is the part where things start to turn against the girls that are unaware of what the guys are planning, especially if they are apart of the “roster of woman” they all seem to have, except Mikey. And the reason a girl falls off the roster, she starts a conversation with “So….” and wants to know what the guys think is going on, mostly during or after they’ve had sex.


And that’s the moment when both Daniel and Jason send girls away, making them think they deserve someone better and they can find someone better. They are never in the wrong (jerk much?). Meanwhile, Jason is hanging out and talking to Ellie a lot, to the point where the guys are calling it out on him. Mikey isn’t moving on from Vera, but he is sleeping with her while the man she was having an affair with has moved into their old house. Daniel has been sleeping with Chelsea, making their friendship more than just trying to find the other someone to sleep with. But how did Jason end up on that bench? Well that bench is in a private park where Ellie and Jason broke into and have been going when they hang out.

Jason has a very hilarious and awkward moment before they break into the park, when he decides to surprise Ellie who is having a “dress-up party). The dress-up party isn’t costumes, but well actually people dressing up. He shows up and it’s a bit vulgar here but his shirt says “Rock Out” and well after that, with his cock out (a dildo but still). And instead of leaving, which most people would he continues on through the party until he comes across Ellie, who introduces him to her parents at the same time.

“I’m going to pretend this isn’t happening right now.” – Jason

The moment is wonderful and leads up to some of the twists in the movie. Daniel tells Chelsea that he has told the guys they are dating but actually hasn’t. Mikey discovers Vera doesn’t want to get back together and that she is still seeing her lawyer. Jason has feelings for Ellie but doesn’t want to make them known for the guys sake. So when Ellie’s Dad dies and she needs him at the funeral, Jason decides not to go and instead goes to a Thanksgiving Party that Chelsea is hosting. Chelsea however isn’t around when Jason shows up because her and Daniel are having sex in the bathroom, where Jason busts them right in the middle of doing it. Just when things couldn’t get any more odd, Mikey comes in and admits that he has been sleeping with Vera. A fight breaks out between the guys because they all didn’t want to break the pack and they all go their separate ways.


Jason tries to make it up to Ellie but the damage has been done and she doesn’t want to see him or talk to him. Jason soon realizes his true feelings for Ellie when he tries to hook-up with one of his roster women. Meanwhile, Mikey has moved all of his stuff into his own place and Daniel is trying to pretend he doesn’t want to work things out with Chelsea. Jason first goes to see Mikey at his new apartment and they both apologize and say things are good. Jason then goes to see Daniel and encourages him to go tell Chelsea about his feelings, Daniel is then struck by a car. Daniel is in the hospital and Chelsea shows up worried about him and that’s when all the lovey and dovey true romantic comedy moments take place.

But what about Mikey? The guys has been through a lot and he needs a break. Mikey finally works up the courage and strength to call Sophie, who has been wondering if she would hear from him. They make plans for later in the week. Meanwhile Jason has been cyber-staking Ellie in hopes of figuring out a way to get her back. The guys tell him he needs to go one of her lectures and make her believe that he is truly sorry. He breaks in and basically goes through how they met and in a beautiful way, tells her he does care and that he loves her. He tells her to meet him where she knows he’ll be.

That place, is the park bench he’s been waiting at for four hours and is freezing cold. Well she shows up and boom, end of the movie. Then there’s some blooper clips before the credit runs.

Overall, the movie doesn’t keep you wondering if it’s going to end soon and there are potential moments where you think it’s going to end but it doesn’t. The movie hasn’t been given good reviews and I find this sad. Sure there isn’t a whole lot of depth to the movie, given it’s about the modern-sex crazed culture we now live but it does take to point out some important things. The first is that girls do sometimes get the wrong idea (we all can admit it ladies). Second, guys sometimes don’t get the memo about what women want. The third, you have to be honest with each other and yourself. See what I mean about not deep? Simple. And I keep reading that people think it’s witless and dull. It’s not truly. I give it 9 out of 10 stars. It’s definitely got the AWKWARD parts down and while it’s not a laugh every ten seconds movie, it is going to make you laugh. I recommend you see it but if you don’t want to spend the movie on the theater, definitely want it on DVD or Netflix.


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