Throwing a curve ball

I have come to the terms that just when things seem to be going good, someone has to throw a rock at the glass door and shatter it to pieces. I am used to this now but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t suck. I know it’s a part of life and that just how it goes but man, I want to have it go good for a long time before that rock is thrown.

I have been dealing with immature people at work, and that’s just a given. People are going to do stupid things and that is how it goes. However, for all of their horrible actions all of it is some how my fault. I don’t get the logic, because take some responsibility for yourself, like I do. They don’t and I have to deal with the stupid comments and the glaring (yes, we have moved onto glaring). I’ve about had my fill of it thank you very much.

Now I am going through the motions of having to return something I order off of Amazon. This is a first for me. I order two new phone cases for my new phone and yeah, they didn’t fit the phone like they were supposed to. The process is pretty easy accept finding the time to go to the UPS Store to drop of the return package. It’s an irritation and I know it’s probably way easier than some other sites but that doesn’t make it any less irritating.

All of that aside, I am still able to keep my head above water. I am still going through the motion of getting published (still haven’t had anyone bite on my Query Letter) and I am still writing. I am also still managing to do this while going to school full-time (12 credits) and work full-time. It isn’t easy and I don’t usually have a ton of spare time on my hands. The plus side to the school is that I will be graduating at the end of this semester with one of my degrees. I still have a while to go but it’s a light I can finally begin to see.


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