This is so ridiculous, I am laughing

So last night my Twitter was “suspended” right during The Walking Dead ending. Needless to say (since I blogged about it), I was pretty pissed about the whole situation. This is of course the second time this has happened. And I’m really to the point now that I just can’t believe that this is an issue. I honestly am laughing right now at this given that for the past three years on Twitter I have been tweeting through shows because it’s what I enjoy. And I guess now it’s against the rules……

I’m not even afraid to share this either because I have to know if anyone else thinks this is a just a bit ridiculous.

Apparently the reason this time is as follows (email response I was given):


Your account was suspended for posting multiple unrelated updates to a trending or popular topic, which is a violation of the Twitter Rules. Repeat violations may result in permanent suspension.

You can find more information about Trending Topics here:

I have now unsuspended your account. Please note that it may take an hour or so for your following and follower numbers to return to normal.


*** Name taken out ****

Twitter Support”

So apparently my tweeting through the show (which helps it trend mind you) is now considered “unrelated”. I get that some of my tweets may not be what you consider ground breaking but I’ve been doing this for three years and now suddenly it’s an issue? Yeah something not right there folks.

I got curious, given what they term as being the exact violation so I followed the link listed below. Here are the rules as follows:

Are there rules for what can become a Trend?

It is possible to abuse Trends. Of course, this is against the Twitter Rules. The following behaviors and others like them could cause your account to be filtered from search or even suspended:

  • Adding one or more topic/hashtag to an unrelated Tweet in an attempt to gain attention in search
  • Repeatedly Tweeting the same topic/hashtag without adding value to the conversation in an attempt to get the topic trending or trending higher
  • Tweeting about each Trend in order to drive traffic to your profile, especially when mixed with advertising
  • Listing Trends in combination with a request to be followed
  • Tweeting about a Trend and posting a misleading link to something unrelated”

Alright so lets break it down, if you want to follow me on Twitter, go for it but I’m not going around “begging or searching for attention”. I merely tweet through my shows because it’s what I like to do. I also use it as a way to keep track of what is happening for when I post a blog update. But lets take a quicker look at this list. And then we will get to the Twitter Rules part.

1. My tweets for The Walking Dead aren’t unrelated to topic at hand, I am tweeting through the show for goodness sakes.

2. Sure some of my tweets aren’t ground breaking but lets face it, The Walking Dead has been trending on Twitter all freaking weekended. My little tweets aren’t going to affect it’s trending given that there is about 3 million or more of us watching the damn show.

3. If I “tweet a trend” it’s because I want to and not to post “advertising” in the trend. In fact, I’m the one that reports people that do that.

4. Trends on twitter are a good way to find other people to follow, however when I tweet through a show I am not “begging” or demanding people follow me. Yes I put the topic on my profile and I post on here but honestly, I am not tweeting at people asking to be followed. You decide to follow GREAT, if not that’s okay too. I don’t take it personally.

So naturally I’m a bit confused as to what exactly is the issue. When I tweet through shows I get people to retweet and discuss the show with me. For the 45 minutes of The Walking Dead I tweeted through I had over 20 retweets and about five people reply to things that I was posted. Naturally this gets a conversation going. Alright, if this breaks the rules then what is the freaking point of a “trend”? Isn’t the whole point of something trending being that people find it interesting or are all talking about it at once? If so, then everyone who trends something should be in violation of this.

Anyway, I followed the link to the Twitter Rules page and followed nothing even more helpful there, just the same thing related to what is posted above. The only difference is that it’s considered spamming. Alright now I am really going to pick because now anything trending, according to the rules, can be considered spamming. Also, the amount of “little tweet fans” who get mad if you “don’t like their favorite artist” and they suddenly go on the Twitter attack don’t get this crap happening to them. And that’s one of the first things listed on the “Rules” page.

I almost want to reply to the email above just to point out that I’m “Tweeting through the freaking show” and how the hell is that considered “unrelated”. Now it’s time to reply to this email and see if I get more answers. Also I want to remind these people that the first time I was “flagged/suspended” wasn’t my fault. They wrongfully listed it as spam and switched it back on saying I wasn’t in the wrong (if you consider this an apology). So if they screw up again, I lost my account for good. Yeah I’d like to officially speak to someone now.

I will keep you updated on what is happening.


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