Lets actually have our “A” game on please – Pretty Little Liars – TV Show Review

If you haven’t kept up this Pretty Little Liars or if you haven’t even watched the show. This post probably isn’t for you. If you have kept up with it, I’m going to dive into the “A” game and what was revealed last night on Pretty Little Liars.


Review postings include reviews on TV shows, books, music and movies. Reviews are simply, that reviews. I include information from each section and thus this information may or may not contain spoilers. Please take the warning now, if you don’t wish to see or read any SPOILERS, do not continue reading. If you do continue to reading, disregarding this warning, please don’t blame me if something is ruined for you. I did warn you after all. Also, review postings are my opinion and I stand by them. We may not have the same opinion and thus lets not argue over it.


Last night on Pretty Little Liars we finally got to see the girls finally tell Aria about Ezra and what they uncovered. The problem is that “A” is one step ahead of them, and apparently so was Spencer’s problem with pills.


We begin by seeing Ezra walking into his class to Spencer apparently asleep there, and she takes off running. She did in fact sleep there all night and had to use her gym locker clothes to change (not a good look for Spencer). The girls agree they need to tell Aria but they want to wait until after school. This is easier said than done given that the girls have been avoiding Aria all day. Meanwhile, Ezra goes to talk to Aria about Spencer and his concerns for her well being, he also shows and lets her take the file he has on Spencer.

ImageSo naturally the game has no turned on Spencer and the girls think that the her problem is affecting what she is seeing when it comes to Ezra. What is sad is how quickly they begin to doubt each other after this whole time and all of the problems that have come from this. They still seem to haven’t learned a thing when it comes to “A”. However in true Spencer form she goes on the offense and lets Aria finally know the truth about Ezra.

“He’s freakin’ “A”!” – Spencer Hastings

The news is less than taken well and Aria of course doesn’t believe her. The girls also have to deal with the fact that Ali is out there without any money and they have what she needs. So they set up a trap to catch “A” aka Ezra, using a reference in the diary the girls have. Meanwhile, Aria goes to have dinner with Ezra and almost lets it spill what Spencer shouted at her when they tried their little intervention. However, Aria doesn’t tell him, she comes close but doesn’t let it slip. Ezra does let something slip and exposes that he knows more about the girls than they have told him, bringing up how Spencer ended up in Radley and that she may be unstable. Aria questions how he knows this and when he simply says she must have told him, she agrees but clearly doesn’t like what was said.


The girls come up with a plan to let Ezra overhear a phone conversation about where they are going to Ali and Ezra instantly takes note of the fact and the bait has been set. Or has it? I mean after-all we still don’t have a 100% confirmation that Ezra is in fact on the “A” team we are just seriously led to believe it. We also know that there is another “A” out there who may or may not be working with him.

The girls go to the place stated in the diary and let their trap begin. Spencer is late however because she is trying to get more pills and this is where Veronica (her mom) and Toby find out about her problem. Spencer shows up but the girls already think she is there, someone else is playing the part that she was supposed too. And the girls are them trapped in what would be the snake house.

Meanwhile Aria is going to do some detective work of her own, she heads to the cabin that Ezra and her have shared. This of course now has a security system in place because of the break-in when the girls were forced to take shelter in a storm. The password is “B26”, the poem Ezra wrote for Aria (or so you are led to believe).

As Aria begins to search, she finds the trap door to the basement and instantly goes down to investigate. Ezra it seems is one step ahead and has removed all of the computers and the evidence that he may in fact be “A”. Aria is about to give up when she notices a book out of place on the coffee table. She opens it to see several print pages of what looks like a story, and this story is about her and the girls. Ezra arrives outside and for once Aria grabs the stuff and runs like hell out the back door. Ezra is hot on her tail, chasing her through the woods.

“I need to explain, it’s not what you think.” – Ezra Fitz

Aria is smart enough to stay quiet and is able to slip away when Ezra heads in the opposite direction as her. Aria hopes she is safe and is going to be able to escape but Ezra shows up, trapping himself in the ski-lift that Aria was trying to get away on. It stops so they are hanging high in the air and Aria lets Ezra have it. She knows that this was all a lie and that he has been lying to her. Ezra claims that he has known who Aria was from the beginning and that he met Alison at college (she lied about her age too). He started doing research into her disappearance and everything has just fallen together since (the meeting at the bar was chance but he took the opportunity to talk to Aria).

ImageAria is determined to see what he really wrote and she wants to read every word, They have an awkward struggle and surprise, the pages fall out of Aria’s hands and scatter below in the woods, lost to them. The girls escape the snake house and head back home, where Spencer is confronted by Toby and her mom about her problem. Which could have been planted by “A” but we learn is actually true (past experience). Aria heads home to find Mike and Mona having a date night in the living room. Mona it seems just arrived too (a little nice fact to throw in at the end). And that’s how the episode ends, with “A” picking up the pages to Ezra’s story.

Click here to see Aria’s reaction

There’s a couple of things I want to address here now. We were never given a true confirmation if Ezra is on the “A” team or not. Sure we here him profess his innocence but he is really innocent? I think it was made pretty clear when the pair struggled that there were things in the story that he didn’t want Aria to read. Does this make him guilty? I’m not pulling him off my “A” team roster.

Who is the other “A”? We know there is two of them but we also know that Mona isn’t as innocent as she’s pretending to be. So is it Mona? Or is she doing her own research but not as “A”? She has never been off my “A” list and she set in stone. However, I want to believe that this “A” is different from the ones before. I think the show as been running circles for too long and using old characters in hopes of keeping you confused.

So who do I believe is “A”?……


That’s right folks. My money is on Jason Dilaurentis. Call it crazy or out there but this would be a nice twist. He also has been doing a lot of work and he’s supposedly in rehab? I’m not buying it right now. This would be an excellent twist to the show.


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