The key to being an online professor

When it comes to computer courses, you can assume that some of your classes are going to be strictly online. That being said, if you have a question or you are in need of help, you are forced to email your professor and hope they answer.

One of my many issues I have with some of the professors at my college (not all of them but some of them) is that they don’t answer emails. Alright this is a big issue. I find it hard to be able to fix my problems in a timely fashion and be able to turn my work in on time if you aren’t willing to be online and answer your emails.

In no other terms should you be an online professor if you aren’t willing to answer emails in a timely fashion. That being said I understand that people have lives but when someone needs a quick fix/help and you take over 24 hours to answers then we have a problem.

Coming from someone (me) who has taken several online classes, the quick response by professors is very important. It’s appreciated by students and it makes all of the possible problems that could occur get resolved as quickly as possible. Taking your time or just not answering your email in general (when you told us to email you with questions) isn’t okay. I give you two hours before I really start to get annoyed and if we hit the 24 hour mark, you might as well forget about me giving you a good professor review.

If you can’t handle being able to answer emails in a timely fashion then don’t be an online professor. As a student in an online class we are subject to doing the email “ask question”, not just raise our hands like we can in class. Lets work together shall we?


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