Be a good Professor or stop teaching

Alright so last week I posted about how to be a good online professor.

All sounds simple and easy right? Just be online, if you are going to teach an online class be online. I give you a 3 to 4 hour window before I’m annoyed and if it’s more than 24 hours then I am writing you a bad review when the time comes around for us to do that in the semester (give me two weeks).

Here we are, 72 hours later (emailed last Thursday, it’s now Sunday) and I finally got a response. Keep in mind that I have already figured out my issues because lets face it, I couldn’t wait to hear back because I didn’t think I actually would. And I asked my brother for help and that’s how I got everything solved. However, I want to point out the only thing I got in response was “Sorry for the delayed response”.

Alright delayed is the 24 hour window, anything longer than that and it’s just crappy professoring. Yes, I did just make up my own little word there. And please let me stress I get people have lives but again, it’s the middle of the semester and you’re an ONLINE professor.

I just will have to stop emailing her and go to my brother with questions next time.

Too bad most people don’t have this option like I do.


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