Brawns vs. Brains vs. Beauty – Survivor S28 Premiere – TV Show Review

Oh what a long wait it has been for one of the my favorite and longest running shows of all time, Survivor. We are on season 28 and this time Survivor is playing a different social experiment, who is better at the game? We have Brawns, Brains, and Beauty. They all equally have strength in the game but just who is better at it? Lets dive in shall we, keeping this quote in mind…

“How did we come up with the criteria for Brains? I’d like to see that data.” – Kass


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We are sticking true to one of Survivor’s favorite places to host the game, the Philippines but we are going to Cagayan,one of the islands located near the cost of China. And we are 28 seasons in, wow Survivor what a run it has been and I’ve been watching since the first episode and I have still a huge love for this game (and of course the show). Some of the game twists I haven’t always agreed with but it does keep the game on it’s toes and keep it fresh.

This season is no different. We have no exile island but we do have hidden idols. And this time the idols are hidden different from what they have been done at before, they’re underwater. This is a good idea because castaways were beginning to find the idols without any clues necessary. This keeps things different and more of challenge for those in the game, don’t want to just hand an idol out now do we? We have two idols found already, one by Garrett (brains) and one by Tony (Brawn). Beauty couldn’t read the clue close enough to figure out it was in the water.

These are our tribes: Brawns, Brains, and Beauty

Image   Image  Image

Keeping it evenly matched on each tribe by having three guys and 3 girls. Fair and keeps it interesting. Naturally the game has to start off big so we have to pick leaders. This can be a good or a bad thing depending on the line you walk. Bad if you take the job too seriously and good if you can keep everything together and make smart choices. Each tribe has to pick someone off, people they haven’t even had a chance to talk too, this person gets a helicopter ride to their camps and have a choice to make. The choice is to take a clue to a hidden idol or get more rice for camp. Two take the clue, one takes the rice (smarter move to take the clue).

Building camp is always and interesting task and when the Brains decide to have J’Tia be the leader for builder the shelter, this quickly comes back to get them when her bossy side comes out. Brawn gets things going good and Beauty builds fire first before even attempting to get a shelter together. All and all they seem to have a little bit of a plan figured out, and naturally as we put camp together alliances start to form and people start talking.

Lets move to our first immunity challenge/reward (because we don’t ever do them separate anymore). First up is an obstical course followed by a puzzle at the end. Moving through it becomes clear that brains are completely out of their element and they are the last to get to the puzzle portion, while Beauty completes the puzzle first, winning the game with Brawn coming in second. Brains get to go to tribal first.

Brains back at camp have a choice to make, who to take out first. Garrett (guy first out and sent to camp by helicopter) wants to take out David, the leader. He isn’t happy about being out first, however the others want to vote out J’tia because of her bossiness at camp. In the end, after a soaking wet (welcome to the rainy season) tribal, David is voted out. We have our first blindside of the season folks.

“The Survivor gods are speaking.” ~ Jeff

But this is a two hour premiere episode folks, there’s still more to come!

We begin again with some of the same issues still at hand, finishing camp. However things are starting to get tense around the Brawn tribe when Trish and Lindsey bump heads and it becomes clear that some aren’t pulling their weight. We really didn’t get to see much of the Beauty camp this episode, seems they were pretty boring. Back to the Brains tribe where they are still trying to figure things out. Garrett and Spencer (only two guys left) have formed and alliance and they need a first person, so they go to Kass. They seem to kinda work out an alliance with her but nothing is set in stone.

Time to start another immunity challenge, this time we have water to deal with. And in true survivor form, a puzzle at the end. The tribes  must swim out to a wooded cage, climb into it and untie knots to get fish catches out that contain the puzzle pieces. Easier said than done and while Brains are the last to get all over into the cage, they are the first to hit the beach and start the puzzle, following by Brawn. Brain had quite a lead but Brawn came back and won the game, just as Beauty was making it to shore. J’Tia couldn’t seem to figure out the puzzle and began to panic when Beauty starting filling in pieces like candy. In the end Brains lost again and off to tribal they go.

Back at camp, Garrett suggests an open talk about who is going home. They name J’Tia because of her screw up at the challenge and not stated but part of it, the bossy issues from before. Tasha (in alliance with J’Tia) wants to have “Side conversations” not talk in this open fashion. J’Tia is of course pissed about the situation and when the others go off, takes the opportunity to get some revenge, since she is going home after all, She grabs the rice bag and dumps it into the fire, almost the entire thing. When the rest come back and see, not happy about it and she has set her vote off in stone…right? Oh come on guys, this is Survivor. Lets see…

Naturally we go to tribal yet again and Jeff starts stirring the pot (because he’s sooooo good at it) and some stupid comments are made. Basically Garrett makes a fool of himself and reveals all of his plans for the tribe and possibly the game. Letting things out that aren’t exactly true, hoping that what J’Tia did at camp is going to make her go home. This back fires and Garrett is the next vote off and that’s the episode.

Now I get that some of the comments made by Garrett were less than smart because lets face it, they truly were, however what J’Tia did at camp is unacceptable. He could’ve been taken out another time and you wouldn’t have to deal with crazy J’Tia going off the deep again about something. She dumped almost all of the rice out, just because she was mad. That doesn’t just get back at Garrett (like she believed it would) but the entire tribe. How they even thought to overlook this is beyond me.

Overall it was an interesting start to Survivor, we are definitely going to see some heads roll this game. Alliances are forming quickly and just how will they play out? Only time will tell who will stick true and who will be voted out. But I’m with Kass on this one (even though she helped vote Garrett out), what exactly does make a brain? And how did we factor this data in, because right now I’m not seeing how any of it is being played over at the Brains camp. Down to four people, it’s going to be a rough game for them.


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