Where did the week go?

Wow guys! I have been creating list after list of things I want to get not only reviewed but also posted reviews as well. My goal for my Spring Break was to get all caught up on those, however it seems that life has taken a difference course. As I am currently typing this I am waiting on cookies to come out of the oven.

I have been baking most of the day in preparation for my sister’s bridal shower which is this Saturday. Maid of Honor and all, even if I’m not particularly happy about having the status at the moment. But we all do what we have to do. Honestly I will be quite happy once she is married and off on her honeymoon which is less than a month away. 

As for my list, I am hoping to get to some of it over the next couple of days. My first up will be my review for Non-Stop and the rest of season 3 for Merlin. I want to also take up another Pretty Little Liars theory post but I am thinking about waiting on that until after the new episode next Tuesday. We shall see what strikes my fancy on that one.

However, my oven just dinged and I’ve gotta get another batch in the oven! Stay tuned for some reviews!


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