Linc Up a laughter blast – Laughfest 2014

As I posted earlier, I went to amateur show and just like the past few years, I had a blast. Not only that, there were quite a few laughs (case in point my laughter on the videos, sorry). However, I will say there were some good and bad jokes in but hey, that’s all part of the game.


This time the amateur showcase brought it some good acts and definitely some good laughs. We had people from near and far and I’m happy to see Laughfest growing into a big comedy time than just in Michigan. The amateur showcase (or show) was at a different location this year, at least the one I attended. We are usually set up in McFadden’s bar but this year we were sent to LINC UP, which is an interesting part of the town.

Our MC for the night was Carlos Estrada, who also performed in a couple other shows in years before. He had some fun with audience members, aka dating sites he is on and just making the mood a good heartfelt laugh place. Which is great for a stand-up show right? Also, this isn’t “clean” comedy, thus the age restriction on my videos.

The first comedian of the night was Julie Bane, from Minnesota. I have to say she started out strong and was funny but kinda went a little straight line towards the end but still funny. Click here to see her performance! (Sorry but adding a video file to my post is gonna cost me cash that I currently don’t have). She had a Melissa McCarthy thing going on, but she owned it.

The second comedian of the night was Melody Grimminck, from Coopersville. Now I was to start by saying getting up on stage like that is a pretty damn amazing thing to do. However, she herself admits to not being prepared and that she was basically going to wing it. Sorry sweetheart but you should’ve done your homework. Click here to see her performance.

The third comedian of the night was Bill Mihalic from the Detriot area. He definitely wasn’t shy when talking about his age and what it’s like to get old. Click here to see his performance! He was definitely one of my favorites of the night.

The fourth comedian of the night is Aaron Putnam, from Lansing who will inform you the correct way to pronounce his name (I know the feeling sir, mine is a bitch to say too). Click here to see his performance!

The fifth comedian of the night was Anna Flora. I have seen her perform last year at the amateur show and I was very happy to see her back this year as well. She was one of my favorites of the night as well, especially the line of “I’m not a cop guys, you can tell me”. Definitely a great performer. Click here to see her performance!

The sixth comedian and the main lady I came to see do her thing was Liz Thornington. She has gottan up on that stage four years running and she has a done an amazing job both times. Even if she was a little bit worried about how her jokes would go over. Click here to see her performance!

The seventh and final comedian of the night was Gary Anderson, all the way from San Fransisco.  I assume he was saved for last night only because his time was the longest (video cue over 13 minutes) but also because he came from so far away. Props dude for making the journey from California all the way to cold Michigan. Click here to see his performance!


Overall it was a great show and it’s definitely something I’m going to do next year again as well, providing my schedule works out (which I don’t see it being an issue but who knows what the year will bring right?). I hope you guys enjoy the videos and if you are interested in learning more about Laughfest I hope you take the moment to check out their website.

See ya next year Laughfest!


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