It’s season 4 finale time and Answers – Pretty Little Liars – TV Show Review

It’s that time again, another ending to another season (don’t worry though it’ll be back in June). This season we were supposed to be given answers about the past three season. And apparently we are going to wait until this episode to even really start with answers.


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The name of the “A” game has always been the secret. So who is really in charge of what happened to Ali? Who knew Ali was alive the whole time? Who knew all of the girls secrets? Who has been the leader of all the other “A”? That’s the questions we are supposed to be getting tonight. Now I’m not really going to hold my breath on this because lets face it, the show might as well end if everything is going to be answered.

Not only that, if we get answered and the “A” of this season is revealed, that means Alison can come back to Rosewood. This also means that the lives of Emily, Hanna, Aria and Spencer are going to change too, they have Alison back.

I am sure about a few things, first we are defiitely going to hear from Alison what happened that night she went missing. I think we are going to learn who helped her hide and how she’s been keeping tabs on the girls. However, I don’t believe we are going to find out who’s in Alison’s grave. I also don’t believe the real “A”, aka the one running the show, is going to be revealed. Sure we’re going to see this “A” get unmasked but as we have learned through the seasons that there’s always another “A” lurking behind the other.

As for who this season’s “A” is, I’m not buying that it’s Alison’s Mom. I think the woman is mentally unstable. And if does turn out to be her, I find this to be a ridiculous way of turning this show. I’ve got a pretty good idea of who I believe this “A” is going to be and who is in that grave.

I am loving reading the theories that people have. And I am loving how people are shooting down things because someone close to the “set of Pretty Little Liars” said that definitely wasn’t true. Pay attention people, you will learn all of it tonight.

My review for the finale will be up within the next hour.


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