A is for Answers – Pretty Little Liars season 4 Finale – TV Show Review

To begin, I want to first say that this season was supposed to be about getting answers. Thus I love the cleverly handled title of this finale episode, “A is for Answers”. However, I want to say that while we were given few answers (yes I consider them few because most of them were obvious), we were not given everything. So lets give into this episode….


Review postings include reviews on TV shows, books, music and movies. Reviews are simply, that reviews. I include information from each section and thus this information may or may not contain spoilers. Please take the warning now, if you don’t wish to see or read any SPOILERS, do not continue reading. If you do continue to reading, disregarding this warning, please don’t blame me if something is ruined for you. I did warn you after all. Also, review postings are my opinion and I stand by them. We may not have the same opinion and thus lets not argue over it.


To begin, here is what we have learned so far this season, in a list.

1. Alison is alive.

2. Mona isn’t as innocent as she seems and she’s still playing a part as “A”

3. CeCe has been helping Alison the whole time

4. Ezra was acting like “A” to tell Alison’s story, while still in love with Aria

5. Jason went into rehab (aka went to Devious Maids)

6. Melissa and Wren moved to London

7. Spencer’s drug addiction

8. Toby finally learned the truth about his Mom’s death

9. Jenna knew more than what she has been telling the girls

10. You can’t trust anyone in Rosewood


Okay the last one is just for me but lets face it, with all of the lying and people knowing more than what they say, it’s become clear that no one is worthy of trust in Rosewood. We had some heartbreaks this season too. Aria found out about Ezra doing research on the girls for his book, but he still loved her. And Hanna had to say goodbye to Caleb who went to Rosewood (which was cancelled thank goodness).

As for Spencer’s addiction to pills, I find this to be just a bit of a usual piece of information. I feel like because Spencer seems to be good at everything they needed to give her a flaw and this is what they chose, it also gives them something to work with when it comes to memory issues from the night Alison went missing.

But what did we get answered tonight? Lets go through this real quick.

1. We learned who buried Alison that night in the ground. It was her Mother (called it). Her Mom has been protecting someone this whole time an lets be honest, she has been a bit nuts since we met her. But just who is she protecting? Alison said tonight she could hear her saying over and over again:

“Look at what you’ve done!” – Mrs. D

2. Who has always known Alison was alive, obviously it was Mona. Mona said herself that Alison told her what she need to do in order to become a hot girl. Or in her case, gain the popularity she wanted at school. However, I would like to point out that Mona had the lair at the motel before Alison went missing. Her obsession with not only Alison but the girls started long before all of this mess about Alison missing. That is something to keep thinking about here.

3. Why did Ezra freak out on Alison? This is again obvious because he told Aria about it a couple of episodes back. He was mad at Alison because she had been lying to him and that nothing was true. He figured it out because he has always been able to read people. Alison herself said that if he ever finished his book (which was started after he met her) that she:

“If you ever publish your book, you better spell my name right.” – Alison

4. Who gets buried? When it comes to things in Rosewood and of course this beautiful “A” game, everything has to come full circle. Nothing is ever left hanging in the balance or waiting for the apple to fall. No this is Rosewood, this is also where “A” is in control. So naturally at the end of the episode we see Mrs. D getting buried in the ground. Where? Well that’s just a fun little fact to be found in Season 5. However the full circle part, all of this mess started for Alison when her Mom put her in the ground and buried her. She was protecting someone…

Now comes the fun part of the finale. They lead you to believe that you would finally know who is the “A” of this season. Please take a moment folks to remember how long it took to reveal the previous “A” and other little facts. Yes, we don’t get everything. Hello, this is Pretty Little Liars. So when it came time to finally see Hanna holding that gun (like a pro mind you), we of course weren’t given the chance to see who was under that mask.

Here is what we do know about that person:

1. They are built like a guy

2. It isn’t anyone at the police station that night (mark off Melissa, Spencer’s parents and CeCe from your suspect list)

3. “A” can jump really far and has upper body strength

4. This person has been lying since it started and knows all about Alison

5. Mrs. D was willing to do everything to protect this person, no matter what the cost

6. Killing someone doesn’t seem to bother them, hello excellent shot


Now I want you to take a moment to really consider who could be under that mask. If you have too, rewatch the previous seasons. Look for the little things, don’t just watch the episode, I mean really watch the episode. Listen to what some of the characters say, listen to the stories told about that night. Pay attention to the holes in people’s story. The stories that change, the things found in the “A” lair. These are the important parts of the story. Also, the Halloween specials tell you a lot more than what you think they do. These are the episodes that say a lot about who is involved in this whole plot against Alison and the girls. 

Can you piece together who this “A” might be?

And lastly, yes I believe Ezra is alive. Come on folks, we wouldn’t want to kill that the love story that was Ezra and Aria right?

See ya for season 5!


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