We’re still waiting…..

I know I posted about this before about possibly joining the Entertainment Weekly blogging community for TV Show and Movies reviews. That being said I originally signed up for this last November/December. And here we are it’s almost the end of March. Now I have emailed a few times inquiring about what is basically going on with this. And the latest answer told me there would be announcement in the beginning to middle of March. Alright, we’re at the end and there has been nothing.

Now I understand that this wasn’t really thought out before, given that one response I received said they were planning basically how it was going to work. I think someone came up with the idea and they put it out just to see if anyone would interested. And given that people signed up, and we are currently waiting, don’t you think there should be something sent out?

I’m positive I am not the only person who has been wondering basically what the hell is going on. And I’d rather have it all figured out before it goes “LIVE” but how much longer?

And if it’s going to take longer, again there should be something sent out updating people or informing them of what is going on. I am sure that some people have forgotten or even moved on from this chance. I myself am wondering if anyone is even left to do it besides me.

I guess I’ll have to wait and see? It’s ridiculous how I get a response but then nothing happens.


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