Terminus, Friend or Foe? – The Walking Dead – TV Show Review

Oh The Walking Dead is never short of throwing a twist your way. More so than ever this season as we come to an end on season 4 and we have finally figured out what Terminus is. Sure we assumed it was a camp but just where was it located and exactly what is it? All in good time, at least according to how this show is being written.


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Alright last week (not yesterday folks) we were given a chance and some answers to what was going on at the prison. We learned that Lizzie was not only the one cutting up small animals. But she was also the one feeding the zombies that were along the fence. Needless to say she was a bit twisted from the start. And if you need any clues to begin with, remember back when Carl told Lizzie and Mika that you can say hi to zombies but it isn’t real. The walkers are dangerous but both Lizzie and Mika thought they could be friendly, little did they know how different it actually was.

Sure you could term it as a childhood innocent in a pretty apocalyptic world but innocents has long been done in this show. There is always a constant reminder that the world is pretty messed up and it will never be the way you need it to be, or want it to be again. This is about survival, not hoping for some magic cure (although it would be nice to know if there was one right?).

Anyway, Lizzie shows just how twisted her head is when she’s caught not only feeding a walker but playing with one too. She is also then screaming at Carol for putting down the walker. Needless to say at this point if you didn’t figure it out, the girl is off her rocker. The decision has to be made then, you either leave Lizzie or kill her. Or the third option would be to take her with you and hope that one night she wouldn’t kill you just because she wants you to know what it’s like to be a walker.

Carol does the job of ending it for Lizzie, telling her to look at the flowers. And boom, bullet to the head and she’s in the ground. Both Carol and Tyreese head back to the railroad tracks and head to Terminus, where everyone else is apparently headed. I have to say this is supposed to be a touching and moving scene (people I’m told were crying). Either way, you should at least be moved by the fact that they have to end yet another life for the good of everyone. It’s a tough decision and not something I’d want to make myself but I’m glad to see that Carol and Tyreese both know it needs to be done. That being said, the mems that have come out of this little scene are hilarious:


Again, take a moment to laugh because I busted up in class when reading them. Time to move onto what happened last night.

Last night we were shown what everyone else has been doing. Where are Carl, Michonne, and Rick and Daryl. As well as the crew that is following Glenn who is after Maggie. So like I said, everyone else in this show. We see that Daryl has to learn the new “rules” of his group. And they are as follows:

1. No lying

2. No stealing

3. You want something, say “claimed”

Rick, Carl and Michonne are taking it easy on the tracks but making sure they are safe at the same time. After all, everyone is headed to the same place so lets just be easy about it. Meanwhile, Glenn and his band of misfits have reached the tunnel, where is dark and you can’t see. This means they split up, no safety guaranteed for Eugene so they can’t finish the trip with Glenn. Tara and Glenn head into the tunnel and the army kids head back to find a car. Eugene is able to convince them to let him lead directions and with his powerful mind (that also knows what started this whole walker thing and possibly a cure) he is able to put them near where Maggie would be if they had continued on. But wait, what about Tara and Glenn? They come across a part of the tunnel where it’s caved in, and walkers are buried. The other side, more walkers. Not good but they can make it around. Too bad Tara has to go and get herself stuck and just when you think Glenn is going to be eaten, along with Tara, they have a rescue crew come in. And that crew contains army kids along with Bob, Sasha and Maggie. And we finally have our Maggie/Glenn reunion. Everyone take a moment to say “Awww”.

“You don’t need a picture of me, you never will again.” -Maggie

Anyway, they continue along the tracks til they find Terminus. All seems pretty tame, no one is about (like it’s creepy quiet) and all of the fences are unlocked to a point. Glenn and the rest of the gang are greeted by someone named Mary, and boom, end of the show.

Which means ladies and gentleman we gotta have a season finale right? Of course we do. And right now the question is officially being posted, is Terminus a place of friendship and is safe, or is it like Woodbury where it seems safe but is twisted? I’m not buying the whole “it’s a safe place” thing because lets face it, The Walking Dead has taught us that nothing is safe. Yes, we know that sometimes things can be safe for time period but nothing is ever truly safe, at least not until all of the walkers are gone.

So time to pick a side….do you think Terminus is a friend or a foe?

I’m calling it here, I’m not buying it. Terminus is too good to be true. Plus I mean where the hell is everyone? Is Mary the only person who is at Terminus? I guess we shall have to wait and see if they give us a chance to get this answer this season. If not, I’m sure season 5 is going to be full of Terminus.

And because this is just funny too….



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